Xbox 360 Limited Edition Halo 4 bundle exclusive digital content pictured

XMNR: Microsoft announced the exclusive digital content that would be included in the Halo 4 Xbox 360 Limited Edition Halo 4 bundle but did not show us what some of the unique in-game armor, Xbox LIVE avatar and pet, weapon skin and emblem would look like. Thanks to a leak on Friday, we now know.

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Gamerpeanuts1942d ago

WOW, THAT ARMOR LOOKS FRIGGING SWEET!I am so glad I got the limited edition.

FarCryLover1821942d ago

Did you get the $99 limited edition game or $399 limited edition halo 4 console? I think you're confused here. This is only with the $399 console.

wwm0nkey1942d ago

Doesn't really matter, they want to make all content available at some point in the future to everyone.

KMCROC541942d ago

Am getting both, just for shit & giggles .
But will be trading the console game towards COD BLOPS 2.

Muffins12231941d ago

Wow, that's horrible.The coolest armor only with the console?I feel like its so badass that i will have to get the code off ebay lol

DasTier1941d ago

"muffins1223" Thats exactly how it should be though, it doesn't give them any advantage to have just very cool aesthetics. I hope it never becomes available to everyone as the flaming blue recon helmet was. Its much cooler when only 1% of the game has something makes everyone different.

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wwm0nkey1942d ago

I like Halo but that armor is clearly a Unicorn armor set.....

wwm0nkey1942d ago

Hey its either that or the horn is used for tbag prevention lol

FarCryLover1821942d ago

Some people would still tbag with that horn.... Some people are into that kind of thing.

Allsystemgamer1942d ago

So anything with a point in the center of the head is a unicorn?

Wow. You do know unicorn means single horn right? So what's the issue? The armor looks great regardless.

For all we know that horn is a an advanced atom sensor that detects movement and atom and particle displacement hence the motion sensor.

Besides its not like they included flaming heads like reach.............

wwm0nkey1942d ago

You know I wasnt being serious right? Well actually can't blame you for that, around 6 people thought I was being serious.

AO1JMM1942d ago

Are there any pictures of the digital content that comes with the limited edition?

Disturbedrebel1942d ago

$400 and all you get is the standard Copy of the game with the system. the stuff that come with the console are less intriguing then the limited Edition. Ill just stick with my Limited Edition copy.

Queasy1942d ago

Well, the appeal of the $400 Xbox 360 is the custom translucent case, paint job and two custom controllers too. The digital content is just a little bit of icing.

FCOLitsjustagame1942d ago

A limited edition console that will be out of date by end of next year...unless of course your not planning on buying a next gen system

BelieveinGhosts1941d ago

Looks sweet, although the picture is too small to see the skin on the light rifle