Should XBox and Playstation Create their own Humble Bundles?

The newest Humble Bundle has arrived, and with it the usual praise. This raises a question, however--what could happen if Playstation and XBox took a page from Steam and created Humble Bundles of their own? Would this be the breath of fresh air frustrated gamers tired of paying $60+ for the same 5 games are hoping for, or a bad move on the part of the franchises? Rant Gaming's Kaylith offers her take here.

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Snookies122281d ago

Yes... Yes they should... It would be epic and awesome in all sorts of ways.

Kaylith2281d ago

I agree completely! If PSN and XBox live did pay-your-own-price Humble Bundles donating proceeds to Extra Life (or whoever)...they'd be rich and they'd have a VERY happy customer base.

doogiebear2281d ago

Plus they'd get tax breaks for donating for charities so it all evens out, whie gamers gain as well!

mulder16172281d ago

I totally agree. Enough with these high priced games. Nintendo only asks people to pay $50 for Wii games, which in a way, is asking for quite a bit, but yeah, let the fans save some money and give back to those less fortunate.

NeoTribe2281d ago

Wii games better be less money, cuz they look like crap.

beerkeg2281d ago

It won't happen. Console manufacturers want their cut.

doogiebear2281d ago

It wouldnt be so bad if they got tax breaks and only gave away download games. It doesnt cost anything to duplicate a download game. It would be awesome if it was for holiday seasons. Companys get tax breaks, gamers get discount games for Christmas, and the less fortunate get some funding for a great cause. I can see Sony and Nintendo doing this, but as of late, MS has been extremely greedy (halting patches because an Indie company couldnt afford MS's expensive patch fee's)