G4 - Until Dawn Preview -- Putting the Move in Slasher Movie

G4: "If you've wanted to star in your very own slasher flick complete with over-sexed teens, cabins in the woods, and murderous maniacs, then you'll want to check out our first look at Supermassive's newly announced Move-centric horror title."

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NukaCola2282d ago

It's got elements of Myst, a classic point and click adventure title, but with horror and some choose your own adventure gameplay choices like Heavy Rain. Hollywood actors and some interesting visuals and control choices, plus it's a Move-only game...Wow..I am impressed what they have here. I hope it turns out well. It's looking to be a good adventure with the Move. Well a night of horror to remember. I wonder how hard it is to "sort of" make it out a live with all the kids...hehehe

r212281d ago

Yes it indeed does. and its a move title :D

Thatguy-3102281d ago

Im psyched for this game but I really want QD tks tackle down a story under the same genre. The gameplay from Heavy Rain with a storyline like this will make things intense. Especially since you control all the characters and decide their faith.

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Adolph Fitler2281d ago

I hope they do more horror games using Move & 3D. HOTD:Overkill is hands down the best Move & motion controller game period. So, some more action based like that, as well as some more hardcore scare-athons in vein of Heavy Rain mixed with Dawn Of The Dead will do. Hell Ubisoft, bring Zombi-U to PS3 with Move capabilities & either call it Zombi-Move, Zombi-U-Move or Move-Zombi-Move.

_LarZen_2281d ago

Something "new" and "fresh", cant wait to play it.

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