10 Reasons I Hate Pokemon

Pokemon, corrupting our youth with animal cruelty since 1995. It lives off nostalgia and feeds off our parents wallets. Here are 10 reasons Rant Gaming hates Pokemon.

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amandadyar2281d ago

Great list. It's always good to have a girl with a temper on your side.

Xperia_ion2281d ago

One pet peeve I have about Pokemon in video games, the sounds of the Pokemon. Pikachu doesn't say "pika pika".

Euphio2281d ago

8-bit Pokemon noises FTW!

helghast1022281d ago

That's the worst part of the anime

Euphio2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

Jigglypuff singing into her sharpie pen. Worst subplot ever.

JM-92281d ago

Except in Pokemon Yellow

mulder16172281d ago

Great job on this story man. I totally agree with your reasons.

R_aVe_N2281d ago

This is actually a good story from rantgaming good job XD

RockmanII72281d ago

The 151 argument is pretty weak, there are Gen 1 pokemon that suck (Mr. Mime anyone?) and there are a ton of Gen 2-5 pokemon who are cool.

metsgaming2281d ago

151 are the true pokemon. I dont understand how they can have 151 with very rare pokemon like mew then all of a sudden wait there are hundreds more !?!?! Lame. Once they started adding new ones i was like thats it im done.

Personally i found the show and pokemon stadium and snap more enjoyable than the gameboy game, favorite part of the game was the music.

Btw is there anyway to get the original show digitally i tried to look and cant find anything.

chaostrophies2281d ago

That's how real life works though.. not saying pokemon is realistic, but we're constantly discovering new species.. why does a game-world have to be so absolute that there can't be new discoveries? now THAT is lame.

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