ReVITAlised: Sony Spending More On Xmas Marketing Than At Launch

MCVUK- Sony used its Gamescom press conference to effectively relaunch its Vita handheld for Christmas.And as part of the revamp, it will spend more money on marketing Vita this Q4 than it did over the platform’s launch earlier this year.

To improve the console’s slow sales the platform holder will launch a series of bundles featuring the biggest brands in games: Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, FIFA, LittleBigPlanet and Need for Speed.

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swansong2257d ago

Zen pinball 2,Zero escape:virtues last reward,YS 1V, Warriors Lair, Soul Sacrifice,Sonic All Stars racing:transformed,Snap shot,Sly Cooper,SH:book of memories, Ragnarok Odyssey,Odd world:Munchs Oddysee,odd world:strangers wrath,Killzone:Mercenary,Guaca melee,Earth Defense Forces 3:portable,Dragons Crown,Assassin's Creed 3:liberation,playstation all stars battle royale, perona 4:the golden.
These are some of the games that I am looking forward to for the PS Vita. Oh not to mention Little big planet,Madden 13 and maybe COD declass, but that will be a read all the reviews and see game.

Protagonist2257d ago

It is good to be a PSVITA owner and it will get even better the next couple of months.

Sanquine902257d ago

I think sony is doing something good! I think sony always advertise on the vita. On tv i always see a 3ds commercial:) Sony if you imitate something from Nintendo then do more advertising. I love the vita and it needs to succeed to get more Games:D

Sorrow242257d ago

Lol they advertised @ launch?

(I'm a Vita owner, get over it and enjoy the joke)