Will Sony's Gamescom Appearance Save the Vita?

"Even if the company has stated that it’s fine with the Vita’s sales numbers, no one can deny it’s underperforming compared to the Nintendo 3DS. Despite better specs and a wide range of games, the 3DS has managed to outsell it. Whether or not the Vita has a price that is too expensive is still a mystery, but we should find out very soon if it’s the lack of a solid IP that’s keeping the PS Vita from selling. This convention revealed many different things about Sony, and most of them reflected positively on the company—which might be just what it needs to save the Vita from living in the shadow of its competitor." |

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timothylittle2281d ago

The 3DS started out with poor sales also, but look how well it's doing now!

CommonSenseGamer2281d ago

Shows that things can turn around. I'm still not convinced that without a price drop Vita's fortunes will change enough. Tearaway is certainly a game which will make punters take notice but is it a system seller at the systems current asking price?

PoSTedUP2281d ago

people are going to buy the vita this holiday, it might not do exceptional, but it will sell. i hope BO:declassified is a system seller regardless of its disappointing trailer. no doubt the quality will slightly hurt the reputation for the vita tho, it was its biggest game...

sikbeta2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

IF Sony wants to turn the damn Vita around, they better prepare some millions in cash to advertise the heck out of it and this time for real, can't believe they spent 50m in those lame @ss s#**y ads for Vita

When it comes to advertising, Sony just sucks at it, people who think that good conferences and new games can change the future of the system are so wrong, Apple is not big because their products are great, it's because their *promote* their products as "the best" and people eat that like candy, that's the only trick

GribbleGrunger2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

Agreed. People would buy a dog turd if you threw millions at the advertising

FragGen2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

@CSG: Is there some reason that you think Sony will never drop the price on it? That would be completely unprecedented in the history of technology. :) IF it's like the PSP or even the 3DS, it's okay to let it float as a premium priced product for a year or more. Why is it such an emergency that this thing put up big sales numbers just a few months within launch if they are committed to the product as a long term platform?

@sikbeta: Name one major technology product that was a success BECAUSE of advertising. I'd love to see you try because, honestly, I can't think of one. It's nice to make the product stay in people's minds and sway people on the fence but I've never ever seen a high tech product that was struggling go from failure to success because of advertising.

If you are going to drop $200-$250 on a handheld gaming console most consumers will do at least a little bit of market research. That's out of most people's impulse buy range.

At this point, Sony's best investment into the Vita would be:
1. Funding new in-house game development
2. Funding killer firmware development for new system features, etc.
3. Subsidizing ridiculous memory card prices.

GribbleGrunger2281d ago

Evidently not. Clearly Sony will always charge the same for the Vita... and this close to the end of it's lifecycle! It's dangerous

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proskatercam2281d ago

Has some great looking upcoming games, so I have confidence.

NastyLeftHook02281d ago

this is like the 100th save title yet

NastyLeftHook02281d ago

this is the internet, not life. and i will not get used to it :)

NeoTribe2281d ago

Vita articles is wut life is? To think all this time I've had it all wrong....

Anon19742281d ago

We might as well start calling this site D4V, Doom 4 Vita with all the articles we've seen regarding Vita's apparently imminent demise lately. It's ridiculous. As I pointed out yesterday, just do a search of the site for "Vita doom" or "Vita save" and see how many articles pop up. But, it was the same thing with the PSP, Blu-Ray, the PS3, 3d, etc..etc. When you don't have any news to report, this type of nonsense will get you the hits. And sites use flamebait like this because it works.

Ben_Grimm2281d ago

Remember when the 3DS first dropped? No?


andrewsqual2281d ago

That's only because they released 2 Mario games within 2 weeks of each other. And now today marks the history of the game that is going to sell 3DS's for the next 5 years.

chrisarsenalsavart2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

remember how vita sold so well when gravity rush launched. Now imagine that from september there will be loads of great game coming out for the machine.
Lbp, assassin creed3, tekkenxstreetfighter, fifa13, madden13, Nfs, playstation all stars, Blackops, radnarok odissey, persona4....

la Vita bella
(Life is beautiful)

xursz2281d ago

You forgot Persona 4! D:

Protagonist2281d ago

My most anticipated game.

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