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"There are many games that are easily forgettable but Papo & Yo is not one of them. Papo & Yo will grab you by the heart within minutes of playing and never let go. It is safe to say that this title is one of the most personal games you will ever play." -Amanda Dyar

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Snookies122258d ago

Lol, I think you meant, "There are many games that are easily forgettable but Papo & Yo is not one of them." You had (unforgettable) :]

amandadyar2258d ago

Haha thanks for the heads up. I suppose they are so forgettable you forget what you wanted to say about them in the first place. :)

Snookies122258d ago

Not a problem, I do agree though, there are just too many forgettable games these days. Definitely looking forward to giving this a try sometime soon.

smashcrashbash2258d ago

I am liking this game a lot. It is like a South American Ico or Last Guardian or something. It has a lot of charm and appeal.I hope for a sequel with more puzzles and a little more atmosphere. I know it is supposed to be empty and void of people for effect but a little more background and exploration would be kudos.

sypher2258d ago

Just finished the trial. Absolutely loved it, some really new game mechanics employed really interesting ways of doing things.

Definitely a must buy.

r212258d ago

agreed, and the story is interesting. whats up with that girl suddenly pushing Quico away? I guess i'll have to buy it to know what happens next :D

sypher2258d ago

Yeh definitely interested to see what that was all about!

Ends just as you are about to meet Monster too.

remanutd552258d ago

i love this game, i didnt know it was based on a true story.