Modding tools for Battlefield 3? It's a scary business, says DICE

Gamasutra- At GDC Europe this week, Karl Magnus Troedsson, general manager at DICE, explained why this is the case -- essentially, DICE is scared of the implications of giving players access to parts of the game's code.

He reasoned that, while the company is very much aware of how important modding can be for building up a game's longevity, "we're afraid of all the things that can come with releasing the code."

Giving players access to certain parts of the code would potentially leave it open to hacking exploits, he said, and this is something that DICE is not comfortable with at all.

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thedarkvault2311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

the reason I got into BF franchise and PC gaming almost a decade ago was because of mods (desert combat for BF1942), the reason I still fire up BF2 weekly is because of a mod (project reality), and the reason I haven't touched BF3 in near half a year is because lack of mod support. sorry DICE, your PR response to the issue is BS, hackers and exploiters don't need mod tools to do their thing as they have already shown plenty with BF3. You are mostly just hurting long-time fans(and even new fans are missing out) with your choice here.

ATi_Elite2311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

DICE is just scared that someone is gonna make a Mod that makes BF3 better than what it is now and rendering BF4 WORTHLESS!!

If I was DICE i would release the Mod tools!! Just imagine DayZ type game on the Frostbite 2 Engine with Destruction! It would Boost sales even further.

Frostbite 2 would be a modders dream Engine!!

P.S. BF3 is already filled with Hackers so that excuse is LAME!!

da_2pacalypse2311d ago

To add to your point, I think that releasing mod tools would decrease the value of their premium membership and the DLC's because the community will likely release maps that are better than the DLC maps :/

DeadlyFire2310d ago

I can see it happening say 6-12 months after DLC/Premium content club is over.

DeadlyFire2310d ago

DLC/Premium is the reason. Let that crap pass and you will see mod tools drop in right before Battlefield 4 releases.

ATi_Elite2310d ago

Yeh EA is just a greedy corporation that is FAILING!

Mod tools = Great Mods
Great Mods = more people buying your game
More people buying your game = more money and more people buying your next game

Example = Arma 2 is 3 years old but now has sold almost another million units thanks to DayZ mod.

BF3 with mod tools would boost BF3 sales and EA could make BF2143 instead of rushing BF4 out the door!

DeadlyFire2310d ago

Just makes me sad that that they do this to themselves.

Mods also promote new games and possible publishing deals with start up developers. One of the most popular FPS games of our time got started as a game mod. *Counter-Strike*

Hufandpuf2311d ago

I dont think Dice/ea want mods to steal DLC sales

Gamer19822311d ago

Indeed who would buy a map pack if you can get millions online for free? Thats the exact reason they wont release them.

Vladplaya2311d ago

DICE, your game been hacked and exploited since closed beta. Stop feeding us bs, and just say that EA doesn't want mod tools to compete with DLC, or better just say nothing, because we already know.

Ducky2311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

Exploits ey? Like the ceiling glitch in Metro?
It's not like mods have ever lead to a decrease in exploits, right?

It's a poor excuse when Valve has been able to allow modding tools and doesn't have any serious exploits.

... and closed games like the recent CoD, or even BC2, had their fair share of exploits anyways. So, can't say I've really seen much of an improvement in that regard.

Only thing I have seen changed is the rise in DLC and sequels showing up much quicker than they should.

Wenis2311d ago

Mod tools would hurt EA's business model. I wish DICE never sold their souls to EA

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