Sudoku to Spread to Live Arcade

That's right, the well known Sudoku craze is finally making its way to the Xbox Live Arcade. Just when you thought it couldn't spread any further, we were proved wrong. Merscom have picked up idea and ran with it, coming to an Xbox 360 near you.

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PacoDG3764d ago

This is very cool. On the last flight I was on, my little brother and I had those in flight magazines and would do the Sudoku puzzles like a race, just seeing who could finish one first. I wonder what other multiplayer modes this would bring.

However, if it costs over $5, they will not get my money.

wageslave3764d ago

This is the kind of thing that is going to bring in the casual gamer.

They need to make sure they write some kind of social elements into the game in order to make it "ok" in the living room where there is usually a group...