BioWare: Some Players Want Day-One DLC

Gamasutra- Fernando Melo, director of online development at BioWare Montreal defended day one DLC for BioWare titles as part of his GDC Europe talk this week, explaining that "players want more content, and they want it now -- the problem is that there is no single 'now', so it should be there when they're ready for it."

Given that some players can take months to complete a game, while others can blast through games in a matter of days, this means that providing extra content from the get-go is the only real way to fulfill all players' expectations.

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zeal0us1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

I don't mind Day 1 DLC long as its free to anyone who buys the game new regardless of edition/version.

ATi_Elite1620d ago

Sure as long as it is FREE!!

CmonBeReal1620d ago ShowReplies(2)
Edward751620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

One thing that makes sense IS the fact that some people destroy a game in 1 or 2 sittings. Those people need to get dlc right away, or they will never ever get it.

Megaton1620d ago

Some players are mentally handicapped.

Xof1620d ago

Anyone who's still a Bioware fan at this point certainly qualifies.

So... I guess they're justified in this? Morons want day-1-DLC, and morons are the only demographic they've got left.

BeAGamer1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

yes but a MAJORITY of consumers don't want to be milked!

day 1 dlc should always be included on the disc from the get go, no ifs and buts about it

Bimkoblerutso1620d ago

Of course, they mean as opposed to putting a wealth of content and unlockables in the FINISHED product to begin with. God forbid they ever do THAT anymore...

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The story is too old to be commented.