PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale delayed due to bad balancing and more

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Sony's upcoming brawler game, got delayed a few days ago. No exact reason for this delay was given, but the GamesCom proved to be the outcome! Here's why it got delayed...

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Whitefeather1864d ago

I would have written it as to improve balancing and more but whatever.

Sensu1864d ago

Good point. Should've done that instead...

greenpowerz1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

Not good balancing then?

tdogg060519911864d ago

Sometimes these translations come out in Engrish

princejb1341864d ago

i love when games are balanced

SolidStoner1864d ago

It depends on a game.. If its a simulation type game.. then it needs to be as real as possible, balancing would spoil the game.

But yes, games like "All-Stars Battle Royale" strongly needs good balancing!

toxic-inferno1863d ago

True, but then with these games, it's always important to have some characters which are easier to use than others. Some characters have to be more technically challenging to play as, and therefore harder to win with.

ghostman1231864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

So the delay was to a) fix the network connectivity and get the online mode working well and b) better balance out the characters so one isn't super overpowered and the other is super lame?

That sounds like the two main problems I had with Super Smash Bros Brawl. Terrible online that takes forever to get a game and very poor balance. I'm happy they delayed it to fix those things, just means a better game. Besides, it's only an extra month, unlike most game delays which are much longer. Bioshock Infinite got a 5 month delay from it's original date.

princejb1341864d ago

im happy they delayed it also so they can work out the balancing issues
but i also did wish i could get my hands on it now
i currently have nothing to play=[

NBT911864d ago

Trust me, there is not much to do on there, six characters and even less stages as of now...
But they updated it today, so by the time it goes public there may be even more content! =)

MySwordIsHeavenly1864d ago

Even with six characters, it's a total BLAST to play! I just wish we could get some local multi-player going. :/

StrawberryDiesel4201863d ago

How could you have nothing to play?? There are so many games on PS3 that I bet you haven't played. Between PSN games and retail releases, there's always something to play.

princejb1341862d ago


yea theres a few but i prefer getting a game that i could play online that will the 60 dollar price tag is worth it for its replay ability

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-Alpha1864d ago

The game is delayed because, as I understood it, SB wanted to implement some of the feedback from the private beta testers gave.

This article is ludicrously worded, to say that the balance is bad is misleading and paints a wrong impression. I don't know if it's because of the translation, but it comes off all wrong

NBT911864d ago

Yeah, the balance issues were not a problem for me personally.
The problems were that, some of the supers fail to activate at times, or cause all other characters to permanently freeze (level 3 supers occasionally give out bugs)

Freezing at end of rounds occasionally, not being able to play with friends, no lobbies, just play with randomers and you have to find new players every game....

Granted its a beta, but with only like.... Three months is it to release? It is not entirely great. Even if they are only testing the networking itself, it needs work.

Sono4211863d ago

The online in Brawl yes I agree with, but the characters needing to be more balanced? Definitely not.

ChunkyLover531864d ago

Well better to be delayed then shipped broken.

CanadianTurtle1864d ago

Ya, its better to not get the angry Nintendo fanboys to be crazier than they already are about this game.

Sgt_Slaughter1864d ago

The only ones who are mad are the Xbox 360 fans who won't ever have a 4-player mash-up fighting game because they would only have like 6 characters.

Anyway, I hope I can get the Vita before the release date because this looks so much fun.

Nexgensensation1864d ago

actually thats all they need! M$ just need to draft a couple 3rd party characters

ZeroWil1863d ago

Why does everyone think 360 fans want a 4-player fighting game? I personally don't want one, especially since I could just play the SSB games. >_>

rezzah1864d ago

Makes me think of games shipped with a day one patch.

juaburg1864d ago

Ice cream, anyone? Nom nom nom

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