Black Ops 2 Will Be So Far From Realistic It's Unreal

ChaosHour Writes: After watching the recent multiplayer reveal trailer, I have now decided that Black Ops 2 will be a game in which is so far from realism, it is unreal. Now before I go on I personally enjoy the series, not as much as some diehard fans out there willing to kill their girlfriends for disrupting their current kill streak but I do like the game. Yes games are not supposed to be super realistic because if they were then they wouldn't be fun, but for a brand which has statements such as "the most realistic war shooter to date" plastered all over their previous games then I assume that realism is a big thing in their development phase.

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DaddyPoppa2311d ago

Honestly theres ALOT to whine and complain about when it comes call of duty but it not being realistic is not one of them lmao. I mean seriously, this article could have been written for any of the past call of duty multiplayer reveal trailers so why start now?

iamnsuperman2311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

Also isn't this game set in the future. [edit] Watching the trailer and the weapons do not look overly unrealistic sci-fi. As in the basic premise for the weapons exist all ready (note below). Any saying a game set in the future is unrealistic is a bit odd to claim

At the article: "Soon after while crossing a bridge a team mate is killed and as the enemy converges on his position instead of spraying hot lead into the enemy, our sci-fi trooper decides to deploy what looks to be a microwave turret which slows the enemy. I can't think of a single advantage this contraption may give in today's conflicts let alone future conflicts. Maybe it will be super useful in game, maybe you will get awarded for more enemy troops which you combust using microwaves, but the idea still stands as not being practical in a real life situation."

Actually this does exist. It is a noise thing that shots noise in one direction and makes it really unpleasant to move forward. It is used in crowd control/riot control

Freakazoid20122310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

No it doesnt use noise at all it uses microwaves. It literally cooks you and you cannot bare to stand in its path.It's not extremely painful but just watch the video I posted. Nobody stands in its path for long It's called the Active Denial System

Other than that I completely agree with you. Your enemy not being able to advance seems very useful to me in combat.I'm sure the US military wouldnt have those things sitting on top of Hummers today if it was completely useless.

Recnef2311d ago

Considering that BO2 is the first game in the COD series to feature a split story line and that half of the campaign deals with the speculative future of 2025 and weapons and tactics that have to be guessed at, declaring the game to be "so far from realistic it's unreal" is a lot like saying 100% of car accidents happen in or around an automobile...

katarina1872311d ago

I actually agree with what the writer is saying for once. (rare thing for me) he knows what makes a good and bad game. The point he is trying to get across is that the practicality of the weapons don't suit the environment. In 2025 I don't think there will be any need for soldiers to see each other with the likes of today's technology.

I lolled At the seagulls bit

TekoIie2311d ago

"In 2025 I don't think there will be any need for soldiers to see each other with the likes of today's technology"

The Scar-H and AN-94 have only recently entered service and look at weapons like the m16 and AK series which are still around (thats 40+ years). So to say that weapons like the KRISS Vector wont be around in 13 years is VERY unlikely.

Governments don't want to have to frequently re-arm their troops every 10 years.

Freakazoid20122310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

Governments also do not like to replace the people they spend a lot to train which is why a lot of the tech coming out now is unmanned or allows for better protection of the soldier.
Cant remember the name of the gun but it had a built in camera and helmet display. You could stick it around a corner and get a clear shot without ever exposing yourself to the enemy.

UAVs are another good example. Nobody is in control and they can be deadly. If it gets shot down they simply build an other one. You cant simply rebuild a soldier with 15 years of combat experience like you can an attack robotic vehicle.

LackTrue4K2311d ago

lol...that's the game i always compare COD with! Unreal Tournament! I love Unreal 3. :)

NeoTribe2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

Man unreal 3 was great. Mod support, tons of guns, huge open maps along with ur smaller corridor maps. TONS of vehichles. Wish they would make another one. It was a lot like quake 3 arena.

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