Black Ops 2 Attachment Descriptions and Stat Modifiers Outed

GR - "Here's a list showing the various attachments and stats modifiers in Black Ops 2!"

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JonahNL2188d ago


The in-game stats ALWAYS lie...

PhoenixRising372188d ago

I like the anti-camp scanner idea.

MidnytRain2187d ago

Yeah, it does sound cool. It picks up STATIONARY enemies. Clever.

ChipChipperson2188d ago

Target Finder attachment...are people blind or are they just playing games with their eyes closed?

grahf2185d ago

Its for campers more than anything. Watching the vids last week, there is a noticeable lag on when a guy pops up (even across the map) and when the finder locks onto them. It also cuts off a good 25%-33% of your screen around the edges.
It will have situational uses.