iPhone's path to portable gaming domination over Nintendo and Sony

"What once began as a market dominated by Nintendo’s Game Boy product line has evolved into an entertainment division that rakes in billions of dollars year-to-year. Portable gaming, an instant success within the realm of entertainment thanks to hits such as Super Mario Land, Pokémon Red/Blue/Green/Yellow and the almighty Tetris, is now a form of entertainment that engages people of all ages."

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LX-General-Kaos2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

Others will likely do a pretty decent job. But Nintendo will more than likely continue to do very well within the on the go gaming spectrum.

For a $100 dedicated on the go gaming device, the Nintendo 3DS entertainment system appears to be in a league of its own as far as sales and exclusive offerings are concerned. This is only the beginning, as Nintendo only seems to be warming up in the portable gaming space. Better AAA quality exclusives, and likely more professionally handcrafted revisions of the Nintendo 3DS entertainment system are set in stone for future release.

iPhones seem to be Nintendos main competition in this day and age with the on the go gaming experience. But with Nintendos positive, and forever climbing record shattering sales on the weekly worldwide charts. It does not seem that Nintendo will be giving up the #1 position anytime soon.

Though even with all of that said, It has become quite clear that Nintendo, and Apple will likely provide the consumer with the future of portable gaming.

Have a blessed day and happy gaming.

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imXify2283d ago

Keep your nonsense in your head. Thanks C:

Yodagamer2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

Honestly the vita isn't even selling that well this year, sony themselves said both the psp & the vita together sold less this year than the psp last year. I really wanna see the vita and sony succeed, but even the 3ds wasn't as bad in it's first six months.

n4f2282d ago

@yoda gamer
im a fan of nintendo but i rather have sony as a competitor to nintendo then anything else.
imagine if apple really make sony bite the dust. thing will get ugly for anyone.
i know for sur i will quite video game and... will... go outside i guess.

Treian2283d ago

"domination" LOL. give me a break.

CommonSenseGamer2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

You do realise that iPhone and iPod touch devices completely eclipse Nintendo and Sony mobile sales combined. And this last quarter Android smartphones outsold the iPhone.

If it were Nintendo or Sony pulling the types of numbers Apple and Samsung are pulling you'd probably be ok using a term like "domination" I'm sure.

Jihaad_cpt2283d ago

You realise that Andriod device sales totally eclipse iPhone right?

TBM2283d ago

the day i use my stupid phone or tablet to do gaming on the go is the day i quit gaming on the go.

my phone is a phone period.

Freakazoid20122283d ago

Commonsensegamer, What a name. Anyway you must not realize that every 3DS,PSP,Vita sold is sold as a gaming system. Not everyone buying an Iproduct is using it for games.

That would be like saying everyone who buys a PC does so just to game on but we all know that isnt true and PC software sales prove it.

Sony and Nintendo will be just fine. I dont get all the Vita is doomed articles. Why are people so excited to see a company fail?

Seriously its like you are saying "I love gaming and its my favorite hobby but I really wish company A would fail so I can sleep better at night." It doesnt make sense.

It's like a Star wars fan asking for the next big Star Wars movie to fail and bring the company under.

How does that make sense at all?

tachy0n2283d ago

DAFUQ? Iphone is doomed thanks to android devices.......

stupid touchscreen games cant compete against physical controls.

the PSVita and 3DS offer REAL portable gaming.

jon12342283d ago

next time please spell what the F correctly... thank you

Mini05102282d ago

That's was pretty much a pointless comment

joab7772283d ago

I wish that the vital had used the android market. It would have allowed it to compete against tablets and many gamers would have loved to buy it as their tablet. And tablet market is just getting hot. Add that to the controller and it would be better than the iPad. Then Sony could begin remaking games for the android market, particularly the vita. And many would follow. Imagine playing chronic trigger and FFVII on vita for little money. On top of that, if u wanted, u could spring for cod or ac liberation too. I just think it would not only sell many more vitas, myself included, it would get them out ahead of apple.

ThatsGaming2283d ago

Handheld dedicated gaming devices are a thing of the past.

At home people are using tablets as portable devices more and more; outside of the home most people use iPods or smart phones.

It is just a matter of time before dedicated gaming handheld devices go off into the sunset. Both 3DS and Vita have performed under expectations for both companies (Both have adjusted sales estimates downward).

The big issue is that, most people do not want complex games that cost $20-40 a pop on a dedicated gaming device. Most people prefer simple pick up and play games at $1-5. Sure core gamers (me included) dread this reality. But it is a fact and eventually there will be no dedicated handheld devices for just gaming. With Vita and 3DS we may be witnessing the last generation of dedicated handheld gaming devices. Sure there will be new iterations like 3DS XL, etc. but I don't think there will be a totally new gen of these devices ever again.

Hicken2281d ago

I certainly hope your only connection to the gaming industry is as a spectator. Even as a consumer, you'd be a failure.

Yes, people use smartphones and tablets more and more... but they don't use them for gaming more and more. At least, not definitively. No, they buy them for all the other things they can do, THEN do a little gaming on them. If they couldn't play any games at all, they'd still handily outsell dedicated gaming devices. And here's the big thing: the vast majority of smart device purchases are NOT done with gaming in mind. People buy them for business purposes, or scholastic applications; gaming is a nice little bonus.

Game pricing isn't "the big issue." Relevancy is. despite them generally costing two to three times as much as even a Vita, people can justify buying a smartphone or tablet because it's virtually a necessity in today's world. It's not so easy to do the same for a device whose main purpose is to play games. Buying something that doesn't adequately do the job of a phone and/or internet device as its primary function would be a frivolous expenditure; dedicated gaming devices are considered luxury items, in that respect.

An iPhone is no comparison or replacement for a 3DS or Vita; anyone who knows the involved devices knows this. But they should ALSO know that those who choose an iPhone over a Vita or 3DS did not do so because of gaming.

ThatsGaming2281d ago

5 years from now you can call me wrong, but you really have no idea how close I am to the gaming industry... And your post confirms your fail.

Fact #1, Publishers are redirecting more and more effort onto tablets and smart phones from console development. Why?
Fact #2, PC and console sales have continually dropped this year over past years. Yet tablet and smart phone purchases are increasing rapidly. Vita is less than a year old and it sales don't hold a candle to smart phones like Android and iPhone...
Fact #3, Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, and other phone games are running circles around sales of 99% of handheld gaming device games (Angry Birds is at 12 million sales on iPhone alone according to Wikipedia) so how can you tell me that gaming is not a big part of smart phone and tablets. In fact Apple, Google, and MS openly state that the top selling apps are games.
Fact #4, iPhone and iPad are primarily consumer devices. Not work and scholastic devices. I know of only a few companies who buy iPhones and iPads for employees. Outside of installing Good or a similar product, iPhones and iPads don't have the security required (out of the box) for company use.
Fact #5, 99% of the world are not core gamers. They shiver at the thought of spending $50 for a game, but have no problem buying a game for $1.99 if they can pick up and get enjoyment from it in minutes...
Fact #6, Microsoft is jumping in big to tablets (They redesigned their OS for them, are integrating them with Xbox, and are building their own device) yet they are not building a dedicated handheld gaming device even though many gamers have called for one... Why?

You have to be blind to not see the trends here.

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