Crytek's Ryse "is moving forward really well"


Crytek's Ryse, the long absent Roman warrior game that is built around the Kinect motion controller, is still in development - though a question mark remains on whether it's coming to the Xbox 360 or whether it's a next generation game.

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greenpowerz2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

720 launch game. MSFT doesn't announce games years before they're ready unless something big changed their plans(usually a year at most)

hennessey862282d ago

I think it will release on the next xbox too, it seems an ambitious game which I don't think is possible on the 360 or kinect and crytek won't release a shit game that doesn't work

PinkPartyPony2282d ago

Hopefully after the Shitstorm that was Steel Battalion they will reconsider Kinect only, and release it with controller support.

ChunkyLover532282d ago

It was going to have standard controller support as well. Steel Battalion had partial controller support too.

greenpowerz2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

Deadmau5 forever!!!!. UK won gold in music (yes a Canadian but my favorite)

Have fun :) beer multi driver floor standers with women FTW! Dub it up

Gildarts2280d ago

I really hope it will be Nextgen game, the concept is way to cool to be limited by the current kinect.

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Brettman20082282d ago

A Kinect 2 with a higher resolution and near zero lag might produce a good game.

ChunkyLover532282d ago

Someone from Crytek already stated that they switched development to the next Xbox. This is going to be one of those new IP's that kick off the next generation for Microsoft.

The funny thing is, people assumed it would be a crappy Kinect game, but they even stated it would be playable with a controller as well.

So here's hoping there are multiple options to play the game on the Xbox 720.

Belking2282d ago

I hope that this is a next gen Kinect2/hybrid title. I love the seeting and it looks to be good, violent, and bloody.

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