Sony: Our Japanese studios create the “unexpected and beautiful”

Rain is an example of what having studios from all across the globe brings to Sony “culturally and creatively”, says Michael Denny.

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remanutd552283d ago

yes they do so how about showing Soul Sacrifice on your american and european press conferences sony?

Sanquine902283d ago

Yeah we love those japanese games! Give us more! Maybe monster hunter portable 3 for the west * Im looking at you capcom*

Hisiru2283d ago

It's amazing how Sony Japan can create so many incredible games at the same time lol

sikbeta2283d ago

"Sony: Our Japanese studios create the unexpected and beautiful"... "you only need to wait 7 years" trolololololol XD

Rain looks interesting and LBPuppet as well, hoping there will be cross-buy on 'em, shouldn't be difficult :D

2283d ago
Nexgensensation2283d ago

here in america we're always trying to find ways to cut right to the chase while thinking about the financial earnings. you can tell by how linear our games are, how short our games are, and how questionable our games are.

MasterCornholio2283d ago

I hope tne rumors are true and that Megaman Legends 3 gets announced for the Vita at TGS.

Im not a fan of Monster Hunter but I hope it gets announced for the Vita as well.


Qrphe2283d ago

I'd appreciate a PM of that rumour you speak of!!!

Omar912283d ago

where the fudge did you hear this?