Here's an N64 Emulator That Plays Old School Nintendo Games in Your Browser

Paul Holden, the creator of Daedalus, one of the most well-known N64 emulators, has done it again with his latest project.

Inspired by 0x10c, the next game from the creator of Minecraft, Holden decided that an N64 emulator built on JavaScript and WebGL was feasible, and that he simply had to create it. So he did—it's called n64js.

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mulder16172283d ago

My only concern with this would be, "Does Nintendo know about this?" Couldn't this technically be considered "pirating"?

caseh2283d ago

No, hardware can be emulated as long as it is completely free and not bundled with software that is protected by copyright laws.

Bit of a gray area really.

mulder16172283d ago

Ahhhhh ok, thanks for clearing that up. :)