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GamerZines writes:

The traditional big-budget RTS has gone the way of the dodo over the past few years. EA’s big revival of Command & Conquer: Generals has gone free-to-play, likewise Petrogylph’s online strategy End of Nations, so we thank all that is holy in the world for the ambition of THQ and Relic Entertainment, as they’re throwing their collective weight behind a full blooded genre revival in the guise of Company of Heroes 2.

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Flavor2312d ago

I hope there is still a market for coh2... I loved the first one...

kostchtchie_2312d ago

love the first one to bits, but i will not be buy it this time around, sick and tied of all my core games being tied and connected to steam


Where does it say Steam will be required to play the game?

kostchtchie_2310d ago

they already told fans on there official forums, that you will need connect the game to steam before playing it