Firefall design team “doubled,” dozens of former Bioware and 38 Studios devs hired

PC Gamer writes: "Red 5 are “having to crunch harder than we ever have” to put together Firefall’s massive upcoming summer update after they spent a month recruiting top talent laid off during the closure of 38 Studios and the donwsizing at Bioware Austin. The recruitment drive has significantly grown the size of the studio and doubled the size of the design team working on Firefall."

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rdgneoz32313d ago

Nice to see some of the people from 38 Studios getting hired after bad business decisions killed their company.

ATi_Elite2313d ago

The Tax payers got screwed (they paid for the business loan of 38 studios)

The Employees got screwed! (got fired with no unemployment benefits and lost Health care insurance not too mention they work for free at one point)

But the millionaire Curt Schilling and the Banks never lost a dime on this bad business deal!

Banks and Millionaires screw over the little guys in this country way too often!

chasegarcia2312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

no need to make stuff up. Banks did lose money. That is why they are suing.

everybody is a loser. Rhode Island being the biggest.