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PlayStation Mobile sizzle reel shows off new Lemmings and more

Gamescome sizzle reel showcasing some of the titles hitting PlayStation Mobile this fall. (Android, PlayStation Mobile, PS Vita)

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remanutd55  +   930d ago
thats what im talking about, when is the service coming to the vita?
gokuking  +   930d ago
PlayStation Mobile launches this fall across Android devices and Vita. There will be 30+ titles at launch.
camel_toad  +   930d ago
That's awesome. I used to love the old (NON 3D) lemmings games. Can't wait!
doogiebear  +   930d ago
Lemmings 3d was the best one ever. People just can't handle hard games.
FragGen  +   930d ago
So is this basically PS Minis that support both Android and Vita? That sounds pretty cool. My ASUS Infinity Tablet is going to be one of the Playstation certified devices, so I'm all set.
hkgamer  +   930d ago
playstation certified android tablets... but i guess you knew that.

Sony needs to get samsung on board for this to be a success.
joeorc  +   930d ago
"Sony needs to get samsung on board for this to be a success."

well that's im betting is a goal, but right now Sony has over 33+ million xperia smartphones in the market, and expected to gather another 34 million more by aug 2013, add in HTC with their 1X line and you have a sizable number already.

but your right samsung is the crown jewel right now with over 90 million smartphones per Sales Quarter by themselves, i would imagine Sony is in talks right now, but as of right now there is plenty of Playstation Mobile certified devices that Sony can sell playstation software on already ready to go into the market when this releases this fall, all they have to do is just download the APK.

but getting Samsung aboard no doubt is a prime target!
MasterCornholio  +   930d ago
Not only that but Apps as well. Like the one that allows you to control your PC via remote play for example.

FragGen  +   930d ago
Apps, too... cool. I will check it out. Thanks for the info!
Xperia_ion  +   930d ago
Profits are going to soar now, not that I care GIVE ME THE GAMES!!!
R_aVe_N  +   930d ago
The whole idea seems very promising if they can get more people involved in it. They need a lot more certified devices to make this really kick off.
Puddlejumper75  +   930d ago
I dont see this saving Vita since you dont need a Vita to experience it.

I dont get it. Sony is doing its best to break into the mobile gaming market while hurting its own portable in the process.

If MS or Nintendo were releasing their games on a mobile platform and hurting their own products the amount of outrage would be immense to say the least.

So between my PC and phone I can have the full Vita experience and never own a Sony product. Yeah thats a great idea Sony,now I really have no reason to even think of buying Vita
smashcrashbash  +   930d ago
No. These games are for phones. VITA games are still for the VITA. How is this hurting the portable? You can't play VITA games or PS1 or PSP or PSN games on the phone.So how can you have the full VITA experience? What are you talking about? Don't write first and think later.

@ CommonSenseGamer . I was never against tablet or smartphone gaming. I was against people pretending that it was better then console or handheld gaming. They can coexist.
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FragGen  +   930d ago
I agree. Since I would guess nearly every Vita customer also owns a phone how can having a system that allows you to purchase apps and get them for both devices be a down side? There are tons of phone/android apps/games I would sure like to have on my Vita.
xursz  +   930d ago
You're wrong. I don't think Tearaway, Gravity Rush, Killzone, etc as well as cross-buy promotions, cross-play, "transfarring", and so on, are possible without a PS Vita. So between your PC and phone you will never get the full Vita experience.

You will, however, be able to purchase some of these short mini games through PSM and share them with your friends, provided they own a "Playstation certified" device.
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joeorc  +   930d ago
"I dont see this saving Vita since you dont need a Vita to experience it.

I dont get it. Sony is doing its best to break into the mobile gaming market while hurting its own portable in the process. "

THERE YOU GO AGAIN, let me get this straight, people complain that Sony was only offering port's and that people wanted quick pick up and play software, And Sony is now offering that and yet your still saying there not going to help the PSVita?

what is it with you gamer's? Huh how many times does this have to be freaking said, this is not a freaking sprint.The point is Sony is making sure no one get's left out, by being able to offer the same software from these Quick pick up and play games Sony is making sure the PSVita is included.

you saying this:

"So between my PC and phone I can have the full Vita experience and never own a Sony product."

OH brother, like you get to play WITHOUT A PSVita, o'l brother:P

gravity rush
soul sacrifice

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GribbleGrunger  +   930d ago
frustrating, isn't it. It's not that people don't get it, it's that those that want to knock the device need to move the goalposts constantly in order to do it.
CommonSenseGamer  +   930d ago
So wait, now tablet and smartphone gaming is ok?
Xperia_ion  +   930d ago
I never had a problem with smartphone gaming, period.
CommonSenseGamer  +   930d ago
Nor do I but so many keep bagging tablet/smartphone gaming because of a lack of controls. I use a 7" tablet for my mobile entertainment and news. I purchased it after Sony stopped supporting the Go and I now take it with me everywhere.
hkgamer  +   929d ago
tablet and smartphone gaming is good fr titles such as angry birds(any other aiming games), cut the rope, cooking mama, basically any game that swiping motions better than atual buttons...
any flash type games works pretty well with touch screens aswell.

other than having a huge variety on 1 min games its not all that great

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