It’s Now Taboo To Talk About Girlfriend Modes. Thank God

Uproxx writes: So, Borderlands 2 is going have a character with a special beginner-friendly skill tree, which will grant various difficulty skirting perks (such as the ability to kill stuff without actually hitting it). The idea is that this will let players new to the game have some co-op fun with veteran players.

Sounds like a good idea to me — unfortunately in an interview with Eurogamer, Borderlands 2 designer John Hemingway went and referred to it as “the girlfriend skill tree”. Internet outrage ensued, which is…weird, because this past generation the gaming industry was all about the girlfriend mode.

Up until recently legendary Nintendo game-making pixie Shigeru Miyamoto would frequently talk about his “Wife-o-meter”. Basically, if he wanted to gauge whether a new casual game was casual enough he’d give it to his wife to play. Developers like Zynga and PopCap would constantly brag about the percent of their players were women. These boasts were never phrased in a “we made a really good game that just so happened to attract a large number of women” sort of way — it was always “we targeted women with our accessible, non-threatening games and succeeded. Hooray for a plan well-executed!”

But now girlfriend modes are apparently taboo. Good. Women gamers shouldn’t have to be carefully courted or tricked into playing games. They shouldn’t be rallied behind, railed against or masturbated over. Women gamers are just gamers that happen to smell good.

By the way ladies, since you aren’t using it anyways, is it okay if I borrow Borderlands 2′s girlfriend mode and rename it “rugged dudes who nonetheless suck at shooters” mode?

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gaminglives2250d ago

Good points. Nice article.

deletingthis346753342250d ago

My girlfriend is good at this game and I just suck. This mode is pointless.

cjflora2250d ago

Maybe "non gamer girl friend mode" is the appropriate term. Let's face it, there are still a decent amount of females who just aren't into gaming like guys are. Yes, there are hardcore gamer girls, and comments like this aren't talking to them. This comment was referring to that guy who has a girlfriend who will play a game with him if she happens to find it interesting.

My wife is this way. She doesn't typically game, but there are the occasional games that she really enjoys and it's great (Borderlands was one of them). However, 90% of what I play she couldn't care about.

So, by "girlfriend tree" what he really meant was someone who can play video games, but maybe doesn't play so often that they are as skilled as someone who plays several hours a week.

This tendency for society to flip out, when common sense would indicate that those offended were not the targets, is ridiculous.

rdgneoz32250d ago

Why the hell is the whole article in the description...

2250d ago
madjedi2250d ago

It raises some good points, up until it goes into full pc lecturing feminist mode, then it stopped being about gaming and i stopped caring . Most females gamers i know aren't exactly great at shooters, especially on harder difficulties, some are better than others.

I myself am fairly decent at games, i don't doubt there are chicks that would hand me my ass at shooters, fighting games ect.

Most chicks i know either a aren't gamers or are casual or only play 1 or 2 types of games, i don't think alot females geek out when it comes games like most guys do.

That last part, did it really need to brought up. If a guy is doing one, the other is likely the furthest from their mind.

"non gamer girl friend mode" Sadly there are some pc thugs that would prefer a sterilized non offensive, lifeless phrase like this instead or girlfriend or noob/casual mode.

Sounds like a public relations statement phrase from a company that just caused an explosion that killed people or caused a ecological disaster.