Capcom aims to turn Remember Me into big brand

Capcom has revealed it wants to turn Remember Me into a big, long-term brand.

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Sevir2012d ago

And I hope Capcom allows DontNod the creative freedom to take this game to New heights. It has strong potential and I think it will be amazing... A shame Sony wanted to change its core... I'll be at this game's launch in May 2013.. I hope it becomes a strong franchise... I'm certain the sequels will be Next Gen titles.

adorie2011d ago

Yeah, ok. Let'sget ready for DLC announced ahead of release, on disc DLC, DLC that allows you to change the color of text, DLC that let's you pause the game and maybe even some DLC that enables you to use your DLC.

I'm kind of tapped out when it comes to Capcom.
Between Gaf and N4G's articles highlighting their business practices and multiple editions of games, I feel no remorse for this fallen Great.

Clogmaster2012d ago

Will the sequel be passed onto to Ninja Theory?

000012011d ago

hahaha, i give you bubble.

Summons752011d ago

noooo they will wait till the game gets really popular to the point where someone can just look at the characters and know what it's from, THEN give it to Ninja Theory to tear it apart limb from limb

ThanatosDMC2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

HAHAHAH! Funniest comment today. +1

Jio2011d ago

I hope that doesn't mean running it to the ground...

rdgneoz32011d ago

It means cutting out content that's ready before launch and selling it as DLC day 1...

mynameisEvil2011d ago

With Capcom, it means, "We want to make people pay absurd prices for absurdly little content that's already locked on the disc. Ah, how we love to abuse capitalism."

So, yes, running it into the ground is exactly what it means.

2011d ago
Soldierone2011d ago

I think it needs a new name then if it wants to be more than one. That or the follow up games need to have different titles, sub-titles. Remember Me 2, just doesn't sound right.

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