Fable: The Journey Telling The Tale New Video Fable the Journey the kinect only title is nearly upon us launching in North America Oct. 9, 2012 and in Europe Oct 12th. To wet your appetite Microsoft have just released a new trailer titled Telling The Tale a behind the scenes look at the game. The trailer features never before seen game footage and insights into how the game plays....

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2307d ago
Wizziokid2307d ago

Why didn't they just make Fable 4...

ChunkyLover532307d ago

This isn't a Fable in that series. Lionhead is working on Fable 4, probably going to be released on the Xbox 720.

On topic though, this game looks great, I'm glad they are using Unreal Engine for it, everything looks so bright and vibrant.

ALLWRONG2307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

Fable has gone downhill

aPerson2307d ago

The trailer looks good because it consists mostly of cutscenes. There was very little gameplay footage shown. Lionhead can try to hype the game as much as they like, it's still an on-rails adventure game.

Great visuals, boring gameplay. Pass.

r212307d ago

So this is Kinect's Sorcery. It looks great and hopefully it'll play great :D

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