Games and controversy: Hitman changes, Tomb Raider doesn’t

I wasn’t going to say anything about this, being reluctant to have to argue the merits of the deaths of several women in fetish clothing, whether apparently sexualised violence can be justified and just how appropriate a video game depiction of attempted sexual assault actually is in the medium but recent news has changed that outlook a little (and please read this whole thing before going ballistic in the comments section).

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pwneddemocrat2314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

Although an excellent article, and fine one to read.
I think most N4G users will just skip it and comment based on the headline.

But i just found out that the Nuns level have been changed in the game. Damn, i was really looking forward to killing those hot assassins covering in nun outfits.

Why the hell do sites report about sexism or inequality between genders or showing women as sex objects? Cant they just shut up and let developers create their art?

Nobody told Da Vinci to go and find a better looking woman, cause sure enough that the one he was painting was ugly as hell. But that's the point, no one have a right to judge another man's creation. You can declare your opinion but you can't enforce it.

Too sad that they give up to criticism and they alter their views just so they can sell more bucks.