Itagaki-san on Ninja Gaiden DS and Wii

Ninja Gaiden originated on the NES, bringing the exploits of Ryu Hayabusa to the world in a thrilling trilogy of adventures. The series was propelled into the limelight once more in 2004 when Tomonobu Itagaki and Team Ninja resurrected the series for Xbox. But now all eyes are on the series' début on Nintendo DS. Cubed³ recently got the chance to talk to Itagaki-san about various topics based on the DS title, whether or not a sequel will be forthcoming, and what the chances of a Wii edition are, plus much more. Read on for the extensive interview...

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ItsDubC3703d ago

"At any rate, I’ll go ahead and think about the possibilities, if for no other reason than to train my brain."

Who says things like that?

PS360WII3703d ago

Heh not to bad of an interview. He was trying to press 'make a Wii game' to much but whatever. Hopefully they don't waste that DS engine and make some more stuff ^^

Just like Suda it seems he doesn't care if the game sells or not he just wanted to make it. I wish more devs were like that then we would be able to see some really amazing odd games that couldn't be if all they want is the money.

ItsDubC3703d ago

Ya the videogame industry as a creative outlet would be very interesting if money weren't such a motivating factor behind game creation.

wiizy3703d ago

both ninja gainden and doa should come to the wii.. the mention of pain is a joke.. im sure people will play smash for weeks and i plan on using the wiimote...

HardcoreGamer3703d ago

it looks cool and all, but i know i aint going to play the ds version at all.