Metro: Last Light’s Engine Is ‘Future proof’ For Next Gen

X360: Metro: Last Light, like many of the FPSs coming out next year, is pushing the graphical bar, but what can we expect of its engine when the next gen arrives?

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Orpheus2309d ago

4A started working on tessellation long before Crytek did.
Even Metro 2033 was a multiplatform game it shined on PC (comparatively) unlike Crysis 2.

Crysis 3 may melt our PCs but Metro Last Light may just have an edge :-)

ChunkyLover532309d ago

People throw around "Future proof" too much, there is no such thing, because ten years from now we'll look back and it wont look good at all, which means it wasn't future proof at all.

RevXM2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

Yeah but then again you have sloppy ass games that look way dated at launch.

I think 4A can back this game up with such a statement. Their last game is still a good few notches above average so I have faith I wont look at the sequel with bleeding eyes anytime soon.

Time goes on and things change, and to make a game that looks relevant ten years ahead is too much to ask. But crysis is still pretty relevant 5 years later and other games too doesnt look to shabby with a few years on their back.

So IMO future proof is a legit thing to say... in some cases at least, this being one of them. 4A is one of my fav devs and their tech is awesome stuff. Cant wait to see the improved 4A engine in full action playing Metro 2033: last light!

Plagasx2309d ago

Hopefully this doesn't mean it's poorly optimized like the first one...

Bluemaster772309d ago

Im considering purchasing a Desktop this fall these titles are pushing me further and further in the confirmed direction. Any Spec configs I should shoot for ?

TedCruzsTaint2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

Depends on your price range.

If you can find a user named "taquito" floating around, might be a good idea to message him and ask what you should be looking for.

One of the few people around here who really seem to know their way around PC. I can help a bit, but can't offer too much in the way of what parts to specifically look for. I can mostly just steer you in the right direction, really.

Bluemaster772309d ago

Thanks the top end of my budget is around $1100 ill def seek that guy out , but any guidance is helpful

Autodidactdystopia2309d ago

Nah man just ask me.

I know my way around pc.

or ati elite.

we are both longtime veterans around this place. and have substantial knowledge on pc builds.

check out this one i built.

FlameBaitGod2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

I bought all new pc parts yesterday from newegg. If you tell me your budget, I can help.

Edit: Oh dude with $1,100 you'll have a beast computer.

Edit 2: Yeah man, You live in US ? Cus shipping varies on new egg and tiger direct, depending where you live I'll tell you which too choose from.

Edit 3: Btw do you plan on overclocking or leaving it alone?

Bluemaster772309d ago

Is it possible for you to compile a list of my optimum build at that price?

Burnin2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )


Make sure that you start with a decent (read expensive) motherboard since it will give you room for future updates.

I've been using their buyers guide to build my last two rigs & is VERY helpful. They split the guide in 4 different categories based on your budget

+ Affordable All-Rounder
+ Enthusiast Overclocker
+ Gaming Workhorse
+ Premium Player

Even though the items shown are based on UK pricing & availability, it should give you a pretty good idea & how to spend your precious cash. You can always combine the items between guides to fit your budget

May's the most recent one though...

Edit: My latest build landed between Enthusiast Overclocker & Gaming Workhorse back then and I spent roughly $1k (s&h included)... MSI mobo, Core-i5, ATI HD 5850 1GB - back when it was still called ATI, 8 gb XMS DDR3 RAM @1600, 1TB HD, Corsair 850w PSU, Thermaltake v9 black edition case & even a decent 22 inch LCD screen. It was a beast 4 years ago & still kicks ass (but it's been heavily overclocked ever since!)

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