Is Nintendo Becoming a Dominant Player in Online Services?

Nintendo Enthusiast:

A few years ago it would have been unthinkable to praise Nintendo in the online sphere of gaming. But things have really changed for the better recently and look even more promising for the future.

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victorGma212258d ago

LOL. How can we say they are dominating if the WiiU is not even out yet? Wait for the release, Nintendo Enthusiast.

yabhero2258d ago

Umm... we don't know... we haven't seen the Nintendo Network yet...

Qrphe2258d ago

How old is that kid? I never thought of the Wii U pad being huge (to my perspective) but to him is huge

trickman8882258d ago

>Dominant in online services

hahahahahahhahahahaa. Sorry nintendo fanboys, but Xboxlive is still the king.

Hisiru2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

Tell me why xboxlive is the king. I paid less for PSN Plus and I was able to play (and finish) several games for free like Infamous 2, Little Big Planet, Just Cause 2, Darksiders etc.

Please, don't throw useless features in my face, I want to use consoles to play games and PSN Plus is a better value for my money.

I want to see your reasons for why xbox live is better.

I agree with you but I want to see reasons for why xboxlive is a better value for a gamer. People is always saying that and I want to know why he said xboxlive is king.

ChunkyLover532258d ago

Its just his opinion, he's entitled to it just as much as you are. No sense in arguing about it on some stupid forum.

princejb1342258d ago

to each his own bro
im in the same boat i feel like paying for xbox live isn't worth it but theirs others who think differently

Lucretia2258d ago


people wont ever list the reasons why. they will always just say its opinion when its only because they need to warrant their reason to paying.

live does absolutely nothing better than psn. a 512MB download (Dust:elysian tale) took an hour to download while my ps3 downloads 2-3 gig games in 40 minutes.

crossgame chat has its uses, but bnot 60$ worth. o well. ur still evil Hisiru lol. u and ur unblock/block me while messaging me haha its sorta funny

Drummerdude412258d ago

LMAO i wish they would, but the closest thing your gonna get to for online services from nintendo is pokemon battles!

greenpowerz2258d ago

What kind of load or volume capabilities does Nintendo servers have? And how many?

I think only Google and a few others have as many (high tech) server farms so you could be right.

ThePsychoGamer2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

Nintendo already said there online network won't be as good as PSN or XBL, so no.

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