Fable: The Journey Demo Coming September

Microsoft have confirmed that the demo of Fable: The Journey will be released on September 17th. The demo - which is far, far, FAR better than the demo we saw at E3 would have you believe - allows players to take a seat (yes, there's no need to stand to play) and step through the game's tutorial and one of the early levels. A brief introduction to the game's skill trees also plays a part.

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A-Glorious-Dawn2312d ago

"The demo - which is far, far, FAR better than the demo we saw at E3 would have you believe"

So are saying the demo at E3 was more than underwhelming?

Since Kinect star wars I have little faith that the Kinect will make it as a core peripheral this generation. But this game is another opportunity for it to prove it's capability.

We shall see.

mcstorm2312d ago

Have you tried Steel Battalion? If you play it the way you are told to play it and shows that Kinect works and works well.

Im looking forward to trying this game looks interesting but the E3 demo did not look that good so have to wait and see.

I agree about its not got the core this gen but I don't think MS were looking too they have used Kinect to open the 360 to a everyone console.

There are a few core games that work well with Kinect though. Rise of Nightmares, Child of Eden, Steel Battalion, Forza 4 and Halo CEA, Mass Effect 3 all work very well with Kinect.

ChunkyLover532312d ago

Haunt, Wreckateer, Diabolical Pitch, The Gunstringer and I'd consider Kinect Sports core, I mean Wii Sports is core right? So is Sports Champions? So why not Kinect Sports?

Anyway, since they are putting the demo up, I think they obviously have faith in their product. This is one of the first real first party developed Kinect title. So I'll definitely try it out and see if its something I'd buy.

A-Glorious-Dawn2312d ago

I did a lot of looking into steel battalion, I saw the trailer and thought to myself that that type of game would be perfect for a peripheral like kinect.

But then I saw a couple of reviews and videos of people trying to play the game

The unanimous verdict seems to be that it failed. It was under developed is what I first thought, but capcom production studio had made this game amazing before... so no, I think logically it's the Kinect itself that hindered the success of this game. The thing that most annoys me is it actually looks like a really cool game to play, with a visceral connection and an actual feeling of being a pilot in a heavy 'vertical tank'. This game should have been an exclusive to the 360 with full controller support. No kinect.

mcstorm2312d ago

@A-Glorious-Dawn Ive seen the video form AngryJoe and that proves my point in not playing it right. Watch his arms and how he sits when he is playing the game. (this is not how you are told to play the game).

Here is a video of someone playing the game of how it should be played and shows it works.

As I said Kinect dose work but only when you play it like you are asked too. But this is the same for any game. What people forget about Move is it is only looking for the light on the controller not your arm ect. Kinect is looking at your body for moment so you have to think about how you move your body and in what way.

Im not saying Kinect is better than move or Move is better than Kinect but they both work when used right.

A-Glorious-Dawn2312d ago


Who said anything about move?

Those videos are interesting though, and I wonder how their position and room set up differs from that of angryjoe and other people that have had problems. Honestly I don't see that much of a difference in the gestures so it must have something to do with the distance from the camera. Strange that two people can have such contrasting experiences of the same game.

I'll reserve judgement since I have never tried the game out myself. I don't see myself getting a go anytime soon either since I know nobody who owns a Kinect here in the UK and the set up would not work in my room, that I am sure of.

My personal opinion though? I think they should have allowed the game to be played with a controller entirely as an option...

mcstorm2312d ago

@A-Glorious-Dawn Sorry I was not saying you were saying Move was better but I know what this site is like.

There is no way they could of made steel battalion with a controller option unless they sold it with the big controller too which would of made the Kinect one pointless.

I live in the UK and everyone I know who has a 360 has Kinect from core to none core gamers and there is a lack of core Kinect games IMO but I do think it gets a lot of stick esp when someone has not got it setup right.

I do think the next Xbox will have a better version of Kinect and I think they will get it to work in smaller rooms too.

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