First Shots Of Need For Speed: Most Wanted On Vita And Mobile/Tablets -

Via a post on the official Need for Speed blog, EA has released the first media for the handheld and mobile versions of this year’s title, including a first glimpse of how the game will transfer over to the Vita. It looks great.

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bahabeast1943d ago

vita is pretty bad a** in visuals

Sanquine901943d ago

Pretty bad? You have to do an eye check;) It looks nice and on the oled screen it will look a lot better. Maybe you need to sell your vita;)

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1943d ago

dude he said its bad ass in visuals lol

IRetrouk1943d ago

He said pretty bad as*, as in he thinks the visuals are good

neoMAXMLC1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Bad *ASS*

As in awesome.

Edit- ninja'd twice. Lmao

Qrphe1943d ago

Hey man, where are you from?

I'm just curious to know lol

DoomeDx1943d ago

Hey Sanquine. using the ';)' smiley at the end of each sentence, doesnt make you seem more smart. just more like a wise-ass. just saying.

Sanquine901943d ago

Sorry , i am the one with the eye check! Sorry to all! Thought he said only said bad..

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jokia0051943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

oh i misunderstood
sorry for disagree

MastaMold1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Wish came true game looks great, now if EA does cross-buy will like i said wish came true

Sent from my PS Vita

King Nezz1943d ago

Sanquine90, I guess your not hip. Your not Bad A s s! Just kidding.

Sanquine901943d ago

I read it wrong. And for the information im not english:) And i think people should be so mad about it.

KonaBro1943d ago

The visuals!? Do you see the visuals!?

imXify1943d ago

*takes the Vita screenshot*
*put it on Vita*
*sees how crips and awesome it looks like on the OLED screen*

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