90% of US DS games are pirated

Up to 90 percent of North American Nintendo DS owners are believed to be using the infamous R4 chip to play pirated games, according to the Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association.

John Hillier, manager of ELSPA's Intellectual Property Crime Unit, told The Sunday Post that the R4 chip, which bypasses the DS's security system allowing users to play pirated games illegally downloaded from the internet, is hampering Nintendo's software sales and "risking the future of the games industry" by putting legitimate retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers at risk.

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pwnsause3701d ago

wow. thats all I got to say.

Rice3701d ago

exactly what i said, "wow"

TheTwelve3701d ago

This is absolutely untrue. It's hard to believe that people are allowed to say such lies. If 90% of DS owners are using pirated gear, then we all should know easily know somebody who does it. I don't. I know many people who have a DS and they don't either.

I would believe this if they said that 90% was the 360 RROD failure rate, because I personally know that to be a fact among the 360 owners that I know as a friend. But this? This is either complete crap or a typo.


mikeslemonade3701d ago

There's noway it's 90% unless a small group is pirating a bunch of games. The PSP would be higher because it's easier.

BrotherNick3701d ago

It's not easier...the ds is easily haxored.

BrianC62343701d ago

I never even heard of that chip before. Not that I care about the DS. I don't see many games for it I even want. Maybe that's why people do it. The games aren't worth paying for but for free go ahead. I guess this could be why DS sales are so high.

TheIneffableBob3701d ago

Using the R4 is extremely, extremely easy. All you need to do is put the chip in the game slot like any other Nintendo DS game and it works instantly.

hades073700d ago

This is so not true. When I go to EB games, who are the largest number of people looking at the DS games, parents and/or children, and your telling me all of those little 8 year olds who only play Nintendogs is running out and getting the R4 chip, doubtful. If you want to see which consoles have the most rampant pirating just go to a torrent site and compare. After the PC the PSP is definitely the worse.

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WilliamRLBaker3701d ago

LOL what numbers are they using? *falls over laughing* lol

WilliamRLBaker3701d ago

bogus thing i've ever heard what numbers and research are they using? anually the DS in systems and software sales outsells every thing in every if thats the case how is 90% of games are pirated? lol

Leo Atrox3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

90% is way too high. Considering that nearly half of DS owners are "tween" girls (at least in my experience anyway) I find that any claim that 90% are using mod chips and downloaded games to be highly suspect.

I had two DS stolen; but before that happened, I bought several games. I never considered using pirated software.

Maybe they got the statistics wrong. Maybe 90% aren't using pirated games, and the other 10% are. 10% is alarmingly high in its own right. (These aren't PC's, afterall.)

WilliamRLBaker3701d ago

2 disagrees with FACT

The DS outsells in hardware and software EVERY OTHER SYSTEM in EVERY REGION.

BrianC62343701d ago

I never heard of chipping with the DS but just check out They have a page that covers chipping for all the systems. The DS has a lot more options than the other systems. I'm surprised to see a report saying 90% of games in the US for the DS are pirated but it looks possible. Check out a device called the R4DS and you'll see what ELSPA is talking about.

By the way, if this report is a lie a lot of sites are reporting it. A Google search of ELSPA DS 90% will bring up a huge list of matches.


In hardware yes, in software, not so true. Just look at Japan charts, it's usually have 8 DS tittles within a top 10. And that's natural, thinking on NDS sales numbers. But how many US or EU charts you see with DS games? How many top 10 with more than 2 or 3 DS games?

I don't know if this is up to 90% or not, but sure there is really many, probably majority, DSs running pirated software.

ShiftyLookingCow3701d ago

yeah I have to agree that this is total BS. Even with something as easy R4, it can't be 90%. As you say, how in hell do they still manage to beat other system in hardware and software sales. I doubt the Chinese Manufacturers can create that many mod chips in any case.

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leon763701d ago

And 90% of the Ds games are nice piece of....

InfectedDK3701d ago

You know while the DS and the Wii sells well its mostly because thats the only money your gonna spend on thoose systems ;) The games.. you guess..

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