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90% of US DS games are pirated

Up to 90 percent of North American Nintendo DS owners are believed to be using the infamous R4 chip to play pirated games, according to the Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association.

John Hillier, manager of ELSPA's Intellectual Property Crime Unit, told The Sunday Post that the R4 chip, which bypasses the DS's security system allowing users to play pirated games illegally downloaded from the internet, is hampering Nintendo's software sales and "risking the future of the games industry" by putting legitimate retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers at risk. (Nintendo DS)

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pwnsause  +   2741d ago
wow. thats all I got to say.
Rice  +   2741d ago
exactly what i said, "wow"
TheTwelve  +   2741d ago
This is absolutely untrue. It's hard to believe that people are allowed to say such lies. If 90% of DS owners are using pirated gear, then we all should know easily know somebody who does it. I don't. I know many people who have a DS and they don't either.

I would believe this if they said that 90% was the 360 RROD failure rate, because I personally know that to be a fact among the 360 owners that I know as a friend. But this? This is either complete crap or a typo.

mikeslemonade  +   2741d ago
There's noway it's 90% unless a small group is pirating a bunch of games. The PSP would be higher because it's easier.
BrotherNick  +   2741d ago
It's not easier...the ds is easily haxored.
BrianC6234  +   2741d ago
I never even heard of that chip before. Not that I care about the DS. I don't see many games for it I even want. Maybe that's why people do it. The games aren't worth paying for but for free go ahead. I guess this could be why DS sales are so high.
TheIneffableBob  +   2741d ago
Using the R4 is extremely, extremely easy. All you need to do is put the chip in the game slot like any other Nintendo DS game and it works instantly.
hades07  +   2740d ago
This is so not true. When I go to EB games, who are the largest number of people looking at the DS games, parents and/or children, and your telling me all of those little 8 year olds who only play Nintendogs is running out and getting the R4 chip, doubtful. If you want to see which consoles have the most rampant pirating just go to a torrent site and compare. After the PC the PSP is definitely the worse.
WilliamRLBaker  +   2741d ago
LOL what numbers are they using? *falls over laughing* lol
WilliamRLBaker  +   2741d ago
that must be the most
bogus thing i've ever heard what numbers and research are they using? anually the DS in systems and software sales outsells every thing in every region....so if thats the case how is 90% of games are pirated? lol
Leo Atrox  +   2741d ago
90% is way too high. Considering that nearly half of DS owners are "tween" girls (at least in my experience anyway) I find that any claim that 90% are using mod chips and downloaded games to be highly suspect.

I had two DS stolen; but before that happened, I bought several games. I never considered using pirated software.

Maybe they got the statistics wrong. Maybe 90% aren't using pirated games, and the other 10% are. 10% is alarmingly high in its own right. (These aren't PC's, afterall.)
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WilliamRLBaker  +   2741d ago
thats awesome
2 disagrees with FACT

The DS outsells in hardware and software EVERY OTHER SYSTEM in EVERY REGION.
BrianC6234  +   2741d ago
I never heard of chipping with the DS but just check out elspa.com. They have a page that covers chipping for all the systems. The DS has a lot more options than the other systems. I'm surprised to see a report saying 90% of games in the US for the DS are pirated but it looks possible. Check out a device called the R4DS and you'll see what ELSPA is talking about.

By the way, if this report is a lie a lot of sites are reporting it. A Google search of ELSPA DS 90% will bring up a huge list of matches.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   2741d ago
In hardware yes, in software, not so true. Just look at Japan charts, it's usually have 8 DS tittles within a top 10. And that's natural, thinking on NDS sales numbers. But how many US or EU charts you see with DS games? How many top 10 with more than 2 or 3 DS games?

I don't know if this is up to 90% or not, but sure there is really many, probably majority, DSs running pirated software.
ShiftyLookingCow  +   2741d ago
yeah I have to agree that this is total BS. Even with something as easy R4, it can't be 90%. As you say, how in hell do they still manage to beat other system in hardware and software sales. I doubt the Chinese Manufacturers can create that many mod chips in any case.
leon76  +   2741d ago
And 90% of the Ds games are nice piece of....
InfectedDK  +   2741d ago
You know while the DS and the Wii sells well its mostly because thats the only money your gonna spend on thoose systems ;) The games.. you guess..
kspraydad  +   2741d ago
Why are we posting an article about BS?

its about the DS!

This report is BS.
coolfool  +   2741d ago
I don't think 90% is right.....
But I would say they other stamements are probably true....

"is hampering sales for Nintendo".

However, I do have a gripe about the ds. The DS is probably the most cost effective platform to develop for but does that really make the games that much cheaper?

I think DS games are slight over priced. In play.com I can get Uncharted for £34.99 but "Alvin And The Chipmunks" or Bratz the game is £24.99. I am not knocking the games but I wonder how much less they cost to make than Uncharted......

It would just be nice if the consumer saw some of those savings, that might stop piracy being so rife because people will think twice about the risk of piracy if they felt they could afford not to do it.
v1c1ous  +   2741d ago
I believe
that 90% of US DS owners don't even know what an R4 is
witchking  +   2741d ago
You're absolutely correct. There are 4 DSs in my house and I have no clue what an R4 is.
caffman  +   2741d ago
Out of the 6 ds owners I know
all 6 have an R4. Why? Because an R4 with a 1 gig card is £25. For £30 you can get one with 300 games.
burghair  +   2741d ago
Its not saying 90% of DS OWNERS. It says 90% OF DS GAMES. I don't know if you've seen the website that has DS roms but it has a giant torrent of HUNDREDS of them. I know people with R4s who have hundreds of games just to have them. Most of them they don't even play them. 90% is completely reasonable if you take into account that most pirates download tons of games.
gamerriffic  +   2741d ago
out of everyone i know that has a ds in my highschool, and of everyone i've met that owns a ds... only one person SOMETIMES buys real games.
it's pretty rare that i see people have real games. so i'm saying its easily believable if its 90% or higher.
ruibing  +   2741d ago
I've only bought the real games to developers I want to support which are mostly the big titles, include FFIII and FFIV. If it wasn't for the R4DS, I wouldn't even have purchased a DS Lite.
Jesso2k  +   2741d ago
Not even 10%
This article is all time low in the bs department.
kewlkat007  +   2741d ago
DS does sell but
I have the R4 and I can't imagine how many people use it too.

Nintendo is very lucky they make lots of money because of the pricing of their products, they are never in the red.

Knowing how much gamers use "PassMe & Flash Carts" they are loosing some money due to the "torrented" games. Because it is Nintendo, looking at their sales you'd barely notice.

But as well all know as soon something is "HACKED" the HARDWARE SALES WILL be on FIRE. We seen this with SONY PSP, which I also had running Alex's custom.
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Leo Atrox  +   2741d ago
Good point ...
Your logic makes perfect sense, but I still find 90% to be a figure that is highly suspect. I think 10% is far more likely.
kewlkat007  +   2741d ago
I'm sure
90% is not correct...looking at the Hard sales of the software.

Nintendo is already cheap..and caterers to the younger crowd more so these days so they will always have good sales.
Mr Blings  +   2741d ago
I totally agree with you...I had never heard of that chip before this article and i am on games sites all the time, have every current (besides from psp) system and most systems of the past. Besides, most people who have ds are kids in the U.S. I highly doubt parents are buying this chip along with the system for their kid.

What is the methodology used to come up with these numbers in this study?
kewlkat007  +   2741d ago
Mr youv'e never heard of
PassMe & Flash Carts

-G6 DS

Where you gamers been...

I doubt parents know about what kids are doing to their Hardware. Except they will notice little "tim" has plenty of games they did not buy.
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v1c1ous  +   2741d ago
i know 9 year olds who pirate on their PSPs.

same 9 year olds didn't even know you could get free games on DS
BlackCountryBob  +   2741d ago
I cannot support piracy but in all honesty 90% sounds very very inflated considering the sales of Brain Training etc, if so much software is pirated then that 10% buying legitimate software must buy 3 copies of every game.

After seeing Nintendo's profits report I don't think they need to worry to much if the sales of their games are only to 10% of the available users, they must have bloody good profit margins on games they do sell.

BTW: Never heard of the apparently hugely famous chip until now!
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GIJeff  +   2741d ago
perhaps they are taking into account that
every pirater doesnt only steal one game. 300+ games per pirate sounds about fair to me....
KingJFS  +   2741d ago
All claims from the industry about the number of pirated games is bullshit. Always has been always will be.

There are 20 million DS sysmtems in the wild in the US. If 90% of people pirate games that means 18 million people are pirates. That is bullshit.
BloodySinner  +   2741d ago
That percentage can't be real.
fenderputty  +   2741d ago
I call BS too. 90% of the "CASUAL" gamers that buy the DS don't even know that a chip exists. I'm at work so I can't check but, how many DS's have been sold? I know it's been a lot. I'm pretty damn sure they do fairly well with software on the NPD's too. Something is terribly wrong with these figures. I would even have a hard time believing 9% of DS's have chips and that number is a hell of a lot more believable then 90%.
Charon_Sin  +   2741d ago
Poppycock. I don’t even see how they can quote those figures with a straight face.
Rocko  +   2741d ago
Jesus Christ...
thats a lot.
Rocko  +   2741d ago
Hey random disagree douchebag....
Do you even READ my comments, or just disagree because I posted it. Because if you really believe 90% isn't a lot, your a RETARD.
mintaro  +   2741d ago
90% of ds games? 90%? that can't be true
PS360WII  +   2741d ago
That's a bit high but also shows how easy and big the homebrew crowd is for the DS as well so it's not just PSP that does everything.

Anyway I don't use R4 and I don't use emulators on my PSP. I'm a big old consumer and buy all my games and I got a bunch for both ^^
PS360WII  +   2741d ago
I don't believe it either. I think the PSP might have that number seeing no one buys PSP games.
mistertwoturbo  +   2741d ago
I have a R4DS for my gf. But 90% is over exaggerated. I know 10 different 21 year old chicks who has no idea what a R4DS is.
Iamback  +   2741d ago
No way, that thing is selling ton of software, on other hand PSP has obvious piracy problems.
wetowel  +   2741d ago
There is no way its 90%. Maybe 20-30% but no way in hell is it 90%. What a BS number.
kingme71  +   2741d ago
Where do they get a number like that? My kids have DS's and all my nieces, nephews and a ton of their friends, my wife and alot of her friends. I can probably count 20-30 kids under 10 that have them and I guarantee you they or their parents have no clue what an R4 or for that matter even what a chip is. If that number is right, then 18 of 20 6 year olds that my son knows are stealing games with their R4 chip :)

Smells like sensational journalism to make a point.
Graphics by ATi  +   2741d ago
There is no way in hell that this article is correct in saying 90%.

It may be something more like 15 or 20% (probably not even that), but dear god....not 90%. Nintendo would have a crisis on their hands if it was 90%.
GIJeff  +   2741d ago
think about this
say 10 people buy DS. 9 of them BUY 1 game each. 1 of them pirates 9 games....guess what? that 1 pirate just pirated 100% of the GAMES that were sold...
sajj316  +   2741d ago
to be honest ...
I didn't know about the R4 until. I just ordered it + bought be a DS. No wonder these things sell like hotcakes ;)
chrno6  +   2741d ago
haha me and all of my friends have either supercard or R4. Let's face it, these cards can hold around 20 games which is more efficient that the having 1 card per game.
Covenant  +   2741d ago

90% is a HUGE number.

I mean, the DS is mostly purchased by casual gamers, kids, moms, and a growing number of older folks (for Brain Age-type games primarily). Those aren't really the types of people who usually pirate games.

Sounds like he pulled that number out of his nether regions.
GIJeff  +   2741d ago
look at my previous comments for an answer.
and just so you know, most of the people i know and would consider as "hardcore" gamers had a DS long before a PSP.
Fux4Bux  +   2741d ago
WTF?! I'd bet my life it's less than %10. Where do they get these outrageous statistics? It's just so stupid considering %90 of the userbase is just casuals.
Kwertie  +   2741d ago
I wouldnt be surprised with 50%. Its the easiest thing in the world to get an R4 and put some ROMs on it. I couldnt think of an easier way. I don't use one, but I would for SNES emulation if it worked good enough. Nintendo needs to sue some ass.
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