Wii U game announcements are ‘around the corner’ says Nintendo magazine editor-in-chief

The editor-in-chief for Official Nintendo Magazine knows that gamers aren't happy with the lack of Wii U game announcements (Especially out of Gamescom)

He has some words to tide over those waiting for more news on Wii U games.

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PopRocks3592258d ago

Yeah, I was aware of this. My question is when exactly we should expect more announcements?

mike1up2258d ago

Nintendo said that they would release price and date in September.

DeadlyFire2254d ago

Nintendo Direct right before TGS 2012? Since Nintendo isn't attending I figure they show us before or right after TGS. Which is in early September.

Axonometri2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

I'm starting to wonder if Nintendo holding out this long might actually hurt their launch. I understand the wraps on anything past their official statements etc, but this is getting questionable now.

I expect to know all there is to know very soon as fall is approaching and holiday season. If not they need to announce their delay or something. Were coming up on the 3 month mark to Black Friday.

They need, at least, that 3 months marketing. Talking about walking the razors edge eh Nintendo!?

Puddlejumper752258d ago

Why cant you give it the same chance you are telling others to give the Vita?

We are well past Vita launch and you are still making excuses for its poor sales yet here you are all over Nintendo and it hasnt even been released yet.

FYI Wii launched on Nov 19th and was handled the exact same way.

Why not give Nintendo the same break you think everyone should give Vita?

mrbojingles2258d ago

How did the Vita get brought into this discussion?

Axonometri2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

I give them all equall thought. My opinion is Nintendo is waiting too long on marketing a very important, potentially huge piece of hardware and possibly the companies future riding on it.
I want the best for it. Vita looking better but I'm not flipping fanboy burgers over it.
I'm waiting to see other new gen hardware also.
Besides, you don't know me ...
And I didn't leave my trolling motor in the water.

mike1up2258d ago


How many times does Nintendo have to say September? I swear it's like you need a laser to get anything into SOME of these people's heads.

I get just as frustrated as you do Puddlejumper75, so hang in there buddy. They can't keep a good man down.

user54670072258d ago


He did that in another discussion with me...before he was bubbled down for trolling

Where on a Nintendo article and he tries to start arguments by bringing in other companies. Ignore him...he'll go away

ChickeyCantor2258d ago

"My opinion is Nintendo is waiting too long on marketing a very important, potentially huge piece of hardware and possibly the companies future riding on it. "

Actually, I think Iwata is going for an impulse approach. Build an explosion of hype to get people going.

DeadlyFire2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

I am thinking they announce all those delayed games coming in early 2013 for WiiU. Why else stagger their 2012 launch into Early 2013? Well to my imagination that is what I am thinking. If true or not we will see.

Bring Watch Dogs to WiiU. :)

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Lol_Lmao2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

Meh. They had E3 to win me over but they didn't. Fail!

Moerdigan2257d ago

E3 as kinda bad for everyone, except Ubisoft.

Qrphe2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )


stuntman_mike2258d ago

wheres my mirror on a stick to look round that corner.