Guitar Hero 3 Standalone Guitars Priced, Dated, Pictured

RedOctane and Activision have finally ironed out all the particulars. Living room rock stars can purchase standalone Les Paul controllers in March. The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 compatible guitars will be sold for $69 USD, while the Wii's will retail for $59. Pictures included.


Activision has refuted the claims posted in this article. Primotech have updated the posting in response.

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Mr Blings3796d ago

I have never played guitar hero before...just a ? on the guitars. Are they crafted for either hand or right hand only? I have heard right hand only. I'm left handed, which is partly why I have stayed away from this game.

Bundini3796d ago

The guitars are definitely crafted physically more so for righties. But there's a "left flip" option at the menu that allows left-handed players to play their way.

GodsHand3796d ago

They work for left handed people. Only thing is the whammy bar is on top instead of bottom.

Personly I dont use the whammy, unless it's to build star power.
IMO, the whammy makes the chords sound funny.

RecSpec3796d ago

Hello fellow lefty!
I'm a lefty and I think they work pretty well as long as you lefty flip it. You'll be playing it upside down so the Whammy will be in a different spot. I think it's easier to hit in lefty stance. It shouldn't hamper you too much, I'm on the final song list on hard and have only been held back by my skills not the guitar.

davez823796d ago

compatible with rock band? no? no buy

games4fun3796d ago

rockband is miles better than gh

ThaGeNeCySt3796d ago

I thought it was the other way around... GHIII guitars work on rock band, but rock band guitars don't work on GHIII

Bundini3796d ago

Uhh, yeah, they are 100% compatible with Rock Band.

frostbite063796d ago

compatible with rock band? YES!!!!!!!!! lol

RecSpec3796d ago

Only the 360 one is compatible, unless they decided to make the PS3 one bluetooth compatible. Which I doubt.

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vegavnil3796d ago

Hasn't this been out for ages, the guitars that is... At least here in little Norway we've already had them since the launch of GH3...

ThaGeNeCySt3796d ago

a bit on the pricey said eh, Activision?

GodsHand3796d ago

True that, I would rather just buy the combo again, and trade in the game for some other game at eb games/gamestop.

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The story is too old to be commented.