Counter-Strike GO Achievements List

Complete achievements list for Counter-Strike GO.

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meetajhu2194d ago

If you play this game for achievements you have to be the biggest loser in the world and you should leave gaming

tokugawa2194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

what about people who play for trophies??

this is on the ps3 right?

karlowma2194d ago

I don't play any game for achievements but I don't really care that they're there. If it makes someone want to use a different weapon or try a different game mode, more power to them.

FarCryLover1822194d ago

I'm not going to buy it for achievements, but I'm going to go for them...why not. But that is NOT the reason I'm going to play and buy the game. I played CS on the pc back in the day with no achievements and I was just fine.

GearSkiN2194d ago

imma just keep playing coz i kno imma get it somehow withought knowing it.

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