Daily Reaction: Is GameStop’s Cloud Service a Threat to Gaikai and Consoles?

On today’s edition of Daily Reaction we talk about GameStop’s upcoming cloud service with Spawn Labs, which the company has now revealed will launch next year on PCs, tablets, and online-connected TVs. As a cloud gaming service, the product will be in direct competition with Sony’s Gaikai platform, as well as posing a risk to consoles as a whole if cloud really does hit it off. But are we getting scared over nothing? Or could GameStop really be set to dominate the games industry? Read on to hear our reactions. - PSLS

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doctorstrange1944d ago

Not a fan of GS by any means, but the power they currently hold over a huge sway of gamers is undeniable.

Foolsjoker1944d ago

Agreed, although their power is about to be challenged with the growth of online marketplaces. So we could see a paradigm soon, and this alleviate the used game sale issue we have been hearing for years.

dbjj120881944d ago

At times it seems that GameStop's ability to reach the gamers who only buy Call of Duty and Madden once a year is the only reason we're not an all digital industry already. The publishers are certainly eager for, but mage retailers like these guys are holding them at bay (at least in the console space, GameStop doesn't give a crap about the PC gamer).

KMCROC541944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

If that the case then they won't mind that consoles continue on previous paths to kill their used market . if that's the mentality their taking towards causing harm to the consoles . just an idea console makers should keep on the table.

mananimal1944d ago

A threat?, How can they be a threat when the Industry is one huge "Conglomerate", working cohesively "in secret", to bring about the DRM Age of Gaming?

Just like in other Business sectors the globe over, the games Industry is no different.
Its a Cartel, & the agenda is "Consolidation" of the gaming entertainment business.

stuna11943d ago

No they're not a threat if it's true that they won't support consoles as far as streaming goes! I would think that consoles make up the bulk of their revenue.