Activision Under Investigation for False Advertising

in February explaining how Activision mislead consumers on the new Call of Duty Elite Premium service. The Competition Bureau of Canada got back to us. They do not deal with false or misleading advertising complaints relating to online media from consumers, however the Ministry of Consumer and Business Services in Ontario where we are based does.

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AtomicGerbil1980d ago

Oops! A classic example of why assumption can be a harsh mistress.

topekomsi1980d ago

HAHA incredulous BS, acti will swat this like a fly. Who doesn't know that xbox gets drops first?

jimbobwahey1980d ago

People who aren't as much of a nerd as you are.

AtomicGerbil1980d ago

Unfortunately trading laws don't deal in unwritten rules.

topekomsi1979d ago

I would also bet that every person agreed to their (activision) terms and eula. Which probably states something to the effect of "we reserve the right to change our mind/game/release schedule anytime we want."

MoonConquistador1980d ago

Pity they can't be investigated over the poor rehashed year upon year turd of a game that COD has turned into. That's the reason I no longer buy these games, not the fact that X Box gets it a month before I can.

decrypt1980d ago

"the poor rehashed year upon year turd of a game that COD has turned into."

Whos to blame for this? while Activision may play a part, its also the old hardware they are writing the game for. Dont expect miracles when a game is developed for 6 year old harware.

MoonConquistador1978d ago

Believe me, its not the hardware that's at fault here. Killzone looks and plays fantastically, so that's a poor comeback.

The first MW is still better than BLOPs and the later incarnations of MW

All I can hope for is MAG 2 is somewhere out there on somebody's development list. Such a great game, even if it did have a lot of issues of its own.

lorcraven1980d ago

I have a love hate relationship with activision, I despise them for milking the franchise but the game is fun.

Then there's treyarch constantly trying to breath new life into the game, only to have their work undone by infinty ward's (and now sledgehammer) complete lack of creativity.

I agree with the investigation though, with the large amounts of money put into marketing within the games industry. False advertising needs to be met with consequence.

Rpod771980d ago

Am I the only one that knew that Xbox 360 would get the content first? It was commonly known that the Xbox 360 was the official console for the launch of MW3 and Elite. I believe Activision was up front about this.

topekomsi1979d ago

I guess knowing that makes us nerds. Good thing nerds are 1337. Lol

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