OXCGN’s Wreckateer Kinect Review: Does it catapult to great heights or sink like a cannonball?


"One of the most enjoyable activities in the video game space is destruction and destruction is the order of the day in this enjoyable little arcade title.

Goblin infested towers stretch arrogantly skyward and need to be literally knocked down a peg or two.

Step forward your avatar. It’s your job to take down these structures with a variety of airborne wrecking balls."

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gaminoz2231d ago

This reminds me of a video game version of Crossbows and Catapults or 3D angry birds.

BadCircuit2231d ago

Looks like fun, but shame the explosions suck.

Belgavion2231d ago

Better than some of the other Summer/Winter of Arcade releases, at least