Last Story publisher says core gamers "follow the best games regardless of the system"

GI - Ken Berry says Xseed was very excited to work on the latest from Sakaguchi and Uematsu.

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christheredhead2285d ago

There is a typo in the title.

The article states, "We definitely feel that the core gamers that play RPGs are the most likely to follow the best games regardless of the system, so hopefully that will hold true for The Last Story's release on Wii," said Berry.

A few words seem to be missing in the headline.

fermcr2285d ago

Such a wast this game being on the Wii and not on a HD System.

Irishguy952285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

In a fanboys eye's maybe. A good game is a good game. I'm glad I have a Wii anyway, the odd time an Amazing game comes out on it.

Instigator2285d ago

Yeah, the game would really have benefited from 5 times the development cost and a 1 million sales target to break even. Compared to Lost Odyssey there isn't that big a difference in terms of quality, and the few things LO does better is not thanks to the hardware.

The game is great the way it is. Being on the Wii shouldn't be a reason to give it the cold shoulder.

Kratoscar20082285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

I lost faith on the Wii long ago, sorry TLS you came too late.

In my case i buy a console and if it comes on it count me in but if is on another system then bad luck for that game.

Venox20082285d ago

you should get it on Wii U then and other great Wii games (if you'll buy Wii U off course)

cornroves2285d ago

Partially true that's why I bought a ps3...because there was a higher chance that I would get the most rpgs on it. Of course there were a lot of other goodies on the ps3 but thats the main reason.

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The story is too old to be commented.