Doom 3 BFG looks & plays so well on Xbox that 'id' didn't even brought the PC version to Gamescom

GamesRadar - Despite only being eight years old, Doom 3's decidedly brutal and unforgiving approach may well lead some newer gamers class it as a bit creaky these days. Having just played the new Gamescom demo of the new and upgraded BFG Edition though, we’re as impressed as we ever were. Moreso, in fact.

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chukamachine2308d ago

Wow learn some grammar.

Should read. Doom3 3 BFG looks and plays so well on Xbox that 'id' did not bring the pc to version to gamescom.

-Mezzo-2308d ago

Seems like he's not the only one with Grammar problems.

MAJ0R2308d ago

That was funny, but I think his error would be referred to as a typo.

fr0sty2308d ago

Translated: This game does not even stress hardware from 2005.

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vallencer2308d ago

Also also only need one 3 for doom 3 :) just want to help.

greenpowerz2308d ago

I think calling out other people's grammar on the web is pretty much a bad idea. Web linguo, translation, your language not being others 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Fried brain from being connected so long after an event etc all factor in on, what you call bad grammar.

Kinger89382308d ago

hahaha! he was almost there

Persistantthug2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

I mean,
Doom 3 was released in 2004.

Hell, it was on the XBOX 1. made a 2004 game run well on the XBOX 360....

so what?

Ch1d0r12307d ago

Giving you a bubble just because you made me laugh.

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LuCifer8452308d ago

Jesus! not even going to bother reading this

IQUITN4G2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

How to make gamers look even more stupid than they're already often perceived to be. I make mistakes all the time from either missing words out or just a wrong spelling but that's just a lazy half hearted attempt especially as it's an actual title

Parappa2308d ago

If they didn't bring the PC version to Gamescom then it's because it would make the console version look terrible in comparison.

Allsystemgamer2308d ago

Or Id is pulling another rage. Works fine on consoles but pc version dies.

erikthegman2308d ago

Sum peepel are just illateret lol

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