David Cage on Hollywood Talent and an Over Reliance on Technology

IGN - The man behind Beyond: Two Souls has warned against assuming actors instantly improve games.

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ab5olut10n2161d ago

But they sure improve the hell out of 4hr quick time events, right?

MySwordIsHeavenly2161d ago

That quick time event was better than any game you played last year.

ab5olut10n2161d ago

Including the game in question? Because that would be a paradox. And I was being sarcastic.

kneon2161d ago

I don't understand the whining about QTE in Heavy Rain. It plays a minor part in the game, and where QTEs are used it's the best way to go. This is a game about making a decision and living with it, sorry no do overs for the kids that aren't happy with what they've done.

Using QTEs adds to the stress level since you know if you miss too many, or just one critical one then things can go bad real quick.

DigitalAnalog2161d ago

I'm sorry, but why is everyone calling Heavy Rain a QTE fest? It hardly ever appears in-game. Does anyone even KNOW what QTE means?

baodeus2161d ago

then perhaps you can enlighten them, what QTE is and why Heavy Rain isn't QTE fest?

DigitalAnalog2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

It's in the term "quick-time". There are only a select amount of scenarios where you supposed to "QUICK" time your prompts. A lot of people are suggesting the entire game is based on "QUICK" time responses which is completely and utterly false. This would already be reaching button-mashing scenarios.

Heavy Rain is what I prefer to call "context" based gameplay with SOME "QTE" scenarios.

ame222161d ago

Bringing Hollywood talent is the wrong direction.

2161d ago
Belking2161d ago

Mr. quick time is at it again.

MacDonagh2161d ago

Game budgets are approaching Hollywood levels of financing and that level is unacceptable.

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