IGN - Until Dawn: Move’s Frighteningly Good Horror Debut

IGN - PlayStation Move comes of age with a horror slasher that'll leave you shaking.

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Abash2223d ago

Wow, it actually sounds great. Until Dawn and Sorcery will be what I get when I buy a PS Move

ABizzel12223d ago

Buy Sorcery now, it's on sale at Best Buy for only $15. That way you'll have to get Move at some point in time to play it.

VsAssassin2223d ago

I hope it comes bundled with one Move controller, one Nav controller, and one PS Eye.

Sevir2223d ago

We've been waiting for this since the Move was announced!

BitbyDeath2223d ago

Holy crap this game sounds amazing. Sounds very much like a horror version of Heavy Rain. Do want.

GiantFriendlyCrab2223d ago

is this game worth 60 bucks ?, maybe if it comes with move controller

socialkarma2223d ago

Considering I've seen many retailers heavily discounting move starter packs. A cheap/free bundle would be a great way to help sell any excess stock.

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