Gamatsu Reviews: Dust: An Elysian Tail

Spanish site Gamatsu writes: "Dust is one of the most incredible games I've played on Xbox 360 and certainly the best Xbox LIVE Arcade game. I was a fan of references to other games that are packaged both in dialogue and in the gameplay, for example: chicken hidden in the walls or even the Izuna Drop Ninja Gaiden and the encounter with some indie game characters.

While the game may have some performance issues but rarely forget anything at the moment you begin to see the rest of the game is a work of the blue.

Dust is definitely a combination of RPG, Platform, and Metroidvania Hack & Slash, however, use every one of the best elements of the aforementioned genres and puts them in a game that just oozes quality. The game mechanics are excellent, move across the stage while attacking enemies and find treasure is wonderful and the visuals are a real candy for our eyes.

Dust: An Elysian Tail is definitely a title that all Xbox 360 owners should play.

PS If you decide to play Dust in Hardcore, welcome to your worst nightmare, the game is a desperate struggle to survive the relentless hordes of enemies. Death is the only thing to expect."

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