Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends granted UK digital release on PS3

VVV: "We were therefore starting to accept the possibility that Test Drive: Ferrari was never destined for us Brits. Imagine my surprise, then, over what I found when casually lurking on the PSN store this week. Initially I thought my eyes were deceiving me, but stealthily tucked away within the latest releases was a 2.3GB digital download for Test Drive: Ferrari."

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ToZanarkand861985d ago

this game got slated in reviews, they should just release the first Test Drive Unlimited over PSN id buy that!
chuck in some new cars and itd be a nice package. and no, TDU2 sucked.

esemce1985d ago

Yeah it should of been a DL game as it's only like 2gb. Not worth the wait very shallow compared to similar games grid/forza/gt/nfs shift.

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