The Value of an Achievement System When Playing Games: Do Gamers Really Care?

The idea of rewarding customers for their patronage is not a particularly new one – loyalty cards have been an established feature of the high street for many years, and these rewards have value; they are the equivalent of giving customers free cash or goods in return for their loyalty. And what normal person is going to turn that down?

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trickman8882309d ago

"Do gamers really care?"

What the hell do you think?

Tetsujin2309d ago

How many of these articles gonna appear regarding "Electronic candy?"

(From the article)
"The second (I’ll call him Player 2 for consistency) is a massive Xbox 360 fan, yet his Gamerscore lies in the mid thousands. Why? Because the only achievements he has earned are the ones he obtained simply by playing the game the way he would if achievements were never there. I have even heard him mention that he might avoid a particular activity because “The only reason to do it is to get Gamerpoints”. Outside playing on the 360 (since I'm on PS3) I feel the same way this guy does - I play games not scores.

ChunkyLover532309d ago

Gamer's obviously care, I'd say that some don't really care, but I remember the outrage when the PS3 launched without an Achievement system, so much so that Sony put one in. There has also been a bit of outrage with Wii U, I personally love Achievements and hope the Wii U does offer a system like Microsoft and Sony.

If you don't care about them, it wont stop you from enjoying the games. If you do care about them, your good to go. Win/Win

Brosy2309d ago

I think Achievements were a brilliant idea. In early days it used to be "save the princess" was the achievement. And even before that games didnt have endings, you played for a high score. Point being having a clear goal in a game made the game better. You felt like you "beat the game". With achievements you have all these smaller goals(some alot harder than others)that you can feel like you have accomplished something when you get them.

I dont understand why anyone would bitch about achievements. Like you said, if you dont want to pay attention to achievements, fine then dont. But if you do like them they are there to enjoy.

Kran2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

"You unlocked an Achievement" woohoo

"You unlocked a small item" woohoo

Kind of the same "woohoo" if you ask me.

Not to mention you'll probably not even use the item or you wont use it for long.

If you get what I mean by this.

jeeves862309d ago

There's a difference between throwing in achievements, and then throwing in achievements that you actually have to work for.

Not a fan of unoriginal achievements/trophies that you get for completing a level, or watching the credits. They lose their appeal when you don't have to actually work for them.

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