NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 Ti-Eurogamer Review

One of the most anticipated graphics card releases of the year, the GTX 660 Ti is NVIDIA's first entry in the mid-range price bracket to feature their powerful Kepler architecture. The promise is a grand one; even early leaks of its specifications revealed it would be offering the very same core and memory clock speeds seen in the pricier GTX 670 model. The confirmed starting retail price of the card is set at £249 - though we're already seeing drops lower in places. It's a cut of roughly £40-£50, but at what cost to the card's raw performance?

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SlavisH22311d ago

next PlayStation and xbox better have a custom card that out does this!

decrypt2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

"next PlayStation and xbox better have a custom card"

Maybe if they are released in 2016 lol..

So far they are rumored to have a HD 6670 gpu(which is a low end gaming GPU). GTX660(is Mid range) should be atleast 2-2.5X more powerful.

So yea good luck betting on Sony or MS, they rely on old PC tech for their hardware.

Bonerrr2311d ago

Dreamer! nothing but a dreamer!

I love how they say "same clock speeds" as the pricier 670. Funny that, considering most the third party 670's (MSI, Asus etc) clock 30% more than the 660ti.

Looking at the big picture, you're better off with a 670.

ProjectVulcan2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

At the moment, these are £240 with a game and you can get a good GTX670 for something like £290.

Personally i would find the extra 50 quid for the 670.

BUT, the 660ti has only just launched so its price is somewhat inflated and you do get the value of the game if you might want it.

Give it maybe a month and if the price can get down closer to say 220 then it starts to look like a really nice deal and a good card for that sort of money.

infamous-butcher2310d ago

and by the two month mark there will be models with non-stock coolers on them for better OCing.
Still I would chip in the extra £30-£50 for a 670.

OpenGL2310d ago

I would rather have a Kepler successor or something based on Southern Islands as they have better compute support which could be significant for future games.

Also the Eurogamer article fails to mention that only 1.5GB of the 2GB of video memory actually has access to the full ~144GB/s of memory bandwidth due to the odd memory and bus configuration.

In fact, it might as well just be a 1.5GB card because any game that is going to need more than 1.5GB of memory will choke on the final 512MB's ~48GB/s of bandwidth. It's very similar to Intel's support for Flex Mode with odd paired memory sticks in dual channel mode, for example a 4GB stick with a 2GB stick. In that instance the 2GB in the one DIMM and 2GB of the 4GB stick in the other DIMM get access to full dual channel mode. If the other 2GB of memory needs to be used it operates in single channel mode.

Nvidia did the same thing with the Geforce GTX 550Ti. They put 2GB on the card because the general buying public thinks more = better, but the reality is the extra 512MB is basically meaningless. Nvidia also cut 8 of the 32 ROPs found on the GTX 670 and 680.

Shikoro2310d ago

Always love reading your comments since you're one of the rare ones here who know something about hardware and what they're talking about. :)

I think that people are in for a surprise regarding the next-gen consoles. ;)

FlameBaitGod2310d ago

This card is really good, it outperforms the gtx 580 which cost 100-200 more.

FlameBaitGod2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

benchmarks, cus people talk without proof too much

The gtx 660 ti is at $300 bucks while the gtx 580 is $300 +.

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