Let's Play Indigo Prophecy - Part 09:

In BNBGAMING’s first Let’s Play series, join Pascal as he takes on Quantic Dream’s adventure classic and cult favorite, Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit.

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BiggCMan2251d ago

Since when are "lets play" video series meant for N4G? Regardless of how good a game is, I don't think it has a purpose for the site. This is the first I've ever seen, just imagine everyone from Youtube bringing their "lets play" videos into a separate article for each one. They don't need to be here.

Axecution2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

Im totally with you. Lets Play youtube videos dont belong on N4G [especially a part 9 video for no reason LOL who approved this?]. I've played Indigo Prophecy so many times it's ridiculous. It's an amazing game but either way, as nostalgic as it might be for some people to see, it's not news at all...

I'd hate to see Lets Play series get spammed all over N4G. It Would Be Worse Than Seeing HipHop Gamer's Posts Every Week Before That Got Banned xD

pwneddemocrat2251d ago

Apart from the troll above me, I dont think this is irrelevant to a gaming site.

This game is really one of the first to truly make me care about the characters.
It's Storytelling at it's finest ( although the second part of the game + the ending = meh ) nevertheless, it was quite the experience.

But to this day, i curse the random commentator on some random forum that said "Go save the girl from drowning, it's the better choice." Talk about random spoilers that you read.

BiggCMan2250d ago

Troll? Really? You just said the same exact thing as I did, I just went in to more depth, unbelievable some people.