European Playstation Store Update 31/01

The Playstation Store has had it's weekly update and this time it aint too shabby.

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paul_war3767d ago

This is shabby.

A good demo a week late & 3 PS1 games I don't want.

For the last time, where is PAIN & EVERYDAY SHOOTER, we are still waiting.

pandabear3767d ago

It's not the worst update but like many - I already downloaded the DMC 4 Demo from the US store last week.

I want Pain, Everyday Shooter and where is the Bowling????

C'mon Sony - get the finger out and deliver

lovedaddy3767d ago

Couldn't give a toss about demos (we can quite easy just download them from the Yank store), but FFS, everyday shooter, blast factor adv. research, asshats.

my profile bit says "Euro PSN is a joke". I reckon everyone else should do the same.

games4fun3767d ago

there should be simultaneous release i live in the US and am constantly jealous of the jpn store i see the great games/demos (but sadly i dont speak or understand japanese)

paul_war3767d ago

I wonder what the US update will bring?

At this rate we are not catching up but falling further behind.

ravinash3767d ago

Same, already got the ones i wanted from the US store.

true, where is Pain?

rofldings3767d ago

Does that whole "Sharing PSN games" work still? If so, I could hook some of you guys up with some of the PSN games I have:

The_Engineer3767d ago

is petition Sony to break up EURO PSN into smaller sub groups.


you get the picture, then at least the brits won't have to wait so long for demos and game to be translated into all the european languages.

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mighty_douche3767d ago

Slightly disappointed, but thats completely my fault for downloading the demos from "other" stores.

Still, wheres Pain god damn it!

titntin3767d ago

BAH! Pain - Everyday shooter, bowling - where are you!!!! :)

The Wood3767d ago

im from the uk also and used pal pal to give my mate the cash. bowling is good but would be great if it had online mode. I almost forgot about everyday shooter.

InfectedDK3767d ago

Ok update.

Theme Hospital definitely has a great chance of ending up on my PSP! (;

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The story is too old to be commented.