Rain and Puppeteer, a glimpse of Japan Studio’s future under Allan Becker

PS3A says, "Japan Studio led Sony’s new IP charge at Gamescom by putting forward not one but two exciting new titles."

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golsilva2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

this is what sony japan needs right now. i think overall japanese studios had a harder time making console games this gen compared to western devs.

I mean western devs usually have bigger teams and the hierachy is less defined meaning theres more openness for the guy at the bottom to make inputs and suggestions to the game whereas japanese devs traditionally follow one guy's main vision completely. So having Becker introduce more western ideals to sony japan including time frames on game should help their output. If sony japan has a hard time making retail ps3 games in a timely manner, then they should go the psn route, which should be faster and less expensive.

This way they can make more games, but also cheaper and faster. In past 2 years, i think only echocrhome 2 was their only psn only game. Now they have rain, so this strategy should be better then them trying to make all retail ps3 games.

Abash2313d ago

Ah so thats why Sony Japan Studios is kicking so much ass lately. I noticed this as soon as I played Gravity Rush, which I bet Allen Becker played a big role in. Allen Becker being in charge is a fantastic move and is really paying off, Puppeteer and Rain both look amazing. Especially Puppeteer which my hype for is through the roof right now.

Something also tells me that Kenji Inafune working with Sony Japan Studios for Soul Sacrifice is also thanks to this guy

DarkTower8052313d ago

+1 on Puppeteer. I'm a grown ass man, but I'm so hyped for that game as well. For me that was the game of the show.

clearelite2313d ago

After missing the trailers, you guys just convinced me to check them out.

both games look AMAZING.

not sure which I'm more hyped for at this point.

Their differences enable them each to leave a unique impression and invoke different emotions through their unique artistic qualities.

Definitely going to be on my radar.

2313d ago
DigitalAnalog2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

Imagine that, Rain and Puppeteer and just recently Gravity Rush are pushing very interesting concepts at the market. Just what the industry needs, another dose of Japanese goodness in their veins.

MySwordIsHeavenly2313d ago

Allan Becker...

The man has already proved himself. He's definitely on my radar.

Vino2313d ago

First that game company, now giant sparrow (the unfinished swan), and then SCEJ. I'm glad they got someone to restructure the sce Japanese division because I like their games.

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