Excitement grows as some thingamajig reaches $8m on Kickstarter

Excitement reached fever pitch today as thousands of entrepreneurial gamers took to Kickstarter to pledge their support for some thingamajig, with over $8 million already donated.Whilst little is known about the new electronic doohickey gamers remain confident that it will redefine the video game industry, with some speculating that it may even herald in some sort of futuristic utopian society.

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OneAboveAll2232d ago

I should get on kickstarter and say that i'v got an idea that will revolutionize the way you watch porn.

Once i get the millions i'll take it and move to the other side of the planet instead of actually doing what I planned on doing.

360ICE2231d ago

“History has shown us that large numbers of people are never wrong and that the public always knows what’s best.”

How is that your take on history?

hkgamer2231d ago

i am guessing this is fake and its a joke...
i know internet people are stupid and love jumping on the bandwagon, but supporting stupid projects is ridiculous, lets hope its a joke...