GameInformer- Sony's Puppeteer Reveals The Next Stage On PS3

GameInformer- Puppeteer’s hero, Kutaro, has to escape from the Moon Bear King’s dungeon to an oversized kitchen and beyond. Of course he has to replace his head first. As though getting turned from a boy into a puppet wasn’t humiliating enough, the Moon Bear King tears off Kutaro’s head and swallows it whole. You can start scratching your head right about now. Sony Japan’s new game Puppeteer merges unique visuals with an intriguing head-replacing twist.

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smashcrashbash2282d ago

I am liking this game and I only saw the trailer.

MoreRPG2282d ago

Really interesting game. i hope they add a create and share mode.

smashcrashbash2282d ago

It's not LBP you know. I don't think they will be giving you the choice to create levels and tools to create things with it.

Hicken2282d ago

Maybe not, but it would be incredible if both this and Tearaway made their way to the Play.Create.Share. side of things.

chrisarsenalsavart2282d ago

this game should be move compatible.