Halo 4 - "Rising Beyond" From the OST

OnlySP: Our source for the Halo 4 music has uploaded the latest track from the Behind the Scenes video released yesterday. This track offers a much different tone than we’ve previously heard and is by far my personal favorite.

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ThatKanadianKid2108d ago

I'm loving what Davidge is doing with the music, its got the classic elements in there, but still feels like a totally new Halo experience.

Balcrist2108d ago

It's not Halo without the Monks....

marcmjm2108d ago

I couldn't agree more...

otherZinc2108d ago

They need some "E Dorian" in the music.

eliteslaya132108d ago

Why do people always associate monks with Halo music? ODST's soundtrack for one featured nearly none of that yet it sounded very much like a Halo game.

William51502107d ago

still sounds like halo music to ya sure the monks are cool and all but thats for the original trilogy...this is a new trilogy and its in need of a new sound and i like the way it sounds =]

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